Natural Beauty Care Tips For Dry Lips And Skin

Natural beauty care tips 100% natural cure for dry lips and dehydrated skin. Winter dehydrates the skin and lips.

These beauty tips will remedy this gently …

Natural Beauty Care Tips For Dry Lips

Natural beauty care tips

The cold winter causes painful cracking of the lips. To protect themselves they must drink regularly. Also avoid lipsticks that dry out. In winter you also avoid dust lip for a better grip makeup because it accelerates dehydration.

Tips and Natural Treatments

Home Made Balm with Honey and Rose Water

Heat honey slightly. Then mix the rose water (2 teaspoons) with warm honey of the same amount. Let the preparation cool and apply it whenever you feel the need. Apply on your lips Shea butter 100% natural. This product is known for its moisturizing effects nourishing and regenerating.

Shea Butter Soothes Sore Lips so Not Cracking

The evening before going to bed apply a thick layer of honey on your lips. There is normally a layer of dead skin in the morning. To remove wipe your lips gently with cotton soaked in hot water.

Dry Skin

Natural Beauty Care Tips For Dry Lips

Facial skin dries in winter also. For it to soften it should also moisturize regularly.

Tips and Natural Treatments

Milk Oatmeal

Add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal in 25 ounces of boiling water. Leave on the heat for five minutes.

Then let steep off the heat for 20 minutes before filtering. When the mixture is cool add 50 grams of cheese and 1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Store in a glass jar and shake vigorously before each use. After use apply a toner on your face.

Natural Beauty Care Tips With Tonic Cucumber

Grate a cucumber medium. Cook it in mineral water (75cl) for thirty minutes. Apply morning and evening preparation and always shake before use. Keep your refrigerator cucumber tonic. Do not use it after a week.

Lawyer and Honey Mask

Make an ointment half of the pulp of a ripe avocado. Add 2 tablespoons of honey and mix. Apply this mixture for ten minutes and rinse with warm water.

Alessandra Rinaudo Wedding Dresses 2017 Seasons

Latest wedding dresses For next seasons 2017 By Alessandra Rinaudo.
Alessandra Rinaudo starring different wedding dresses performers of different styles.
A sophisticated and feminine features Bridal Couture 2017.

The Italian designer has chosen for her more exclusive French wedding lace look and then follows different models in tulle, organza and silk dyeing that leave from candied strokes of white in different shades.

Bridal gowns With tattoo effect

Among the creations chicest Alessandra Rinaudo stand out most wanted models tattoo effect than compensated short dresses style more fresh and perky. The designer suggests in her creations the fashion model Trudy, a strapless wedding look with matching veil and lights to decorate the entire surface of the model; dress Tanya tip of a vein of romanticism vintage flavor, characterized by a delicate ivory chypre with floral embroidery multilayer; the model Thais offers an asymmetric skirt, short front and long behind which adds a winding train, the dress is completed with belt crystals placed on the waist and bodice neck original, based in the heart and leaves higher.

New bridal collection 2017 Alessandra Rinaudo

Retro clothes with closing with an open back completely veiled

In line with the trends in bridal most glamorous, the fashion house Alessandra Rinaudo has several wedding dresses with the open back completely veiled on the back with closing retro characterized by a row of white buttons.

The collection also includes several models cut mermaid refined aesthetic but minimalist, these models made of silky smooth in addition to the small details jewel chic allure, some wedding looks are complemented by decorated borders and from the pretty belts that emphasize the waist.

Sensual V-neck Wedding Dresses By Alessandra Rinaudo
Sensual V-neck Wedding Dresses By Alessandra Rinaudo
Embroidery Lace wedding dresses with Open Back Completely By Alessandra Rinaudo
Embroidery Lace wedding dresses with Open Back Completely By Alessandra Rinaudo

The Bridal Couture 2017 Alessandra Rinaudo also provides several dressed in short version and more modern silhouette, which is a fine example of the model Tamara, with bodice decorated with n*ked workings macramé lace floral that combines a skirt flared from ‘aesthetic etiquette.

The Italian designer, Alessandra Rinaudo, for the year 2017 has chosen for her wedding look more exclusive French lace, then follow different models in tulle, organza and silk dyeing that leave from candied strokes of white in different shades.

Look at the Alessandra Rinaudo Wedding Dresses pictures.

The Short Evening Dresses for New Year 2017

The Short Evening Dresses for New Year 2017
The Short Evening Dress for New Year 2017

Ready for New Year 2017? Here are many ideas for buying some beautiful short evening dresses and chic for all tastes: reds, blacks, and low-cut floral prints…

Have you already chosen your look for New Year’s Eve? If you are seeking the perfect gown you can take a ride on the online shop Asos, ordering by December 15, you can be sure to get everything by Christmas. The color must haves for the New Year is red and as usual we at shelookbook we added some beautiful dresses in this vibrant hue, along with many others for those who prefer different outfits and most original.

Read Also: Activewear Collection By Forever 21 On Our 10 Favorite Pieces

Evening shorts dresses are an essential in the wardrobe of every woman, you can choose from many models more or less attractive and low-cut or opt for different solutions, such as dresses below the knee or even longer. The advice is always the same: just wear what makes you feel at ease and that you like, this is also essential to feel good about them.

A New Year and special occasions can give us a few looks different from the usual, such as clothes at glittering with rhinestones, glitter, and sequins or opt for colors much more vivid and striking than that we usually use with daring fantasies and nasty cuts, then add a little’pepper our outfits ever.

On the Asos site, there are plenty of perfect clothes for New Year’s Eve 2017 in total red dress with lace and tulle, sheath dresses, dresses in tulle and chiffon and ruffles and then the fascinating patterns with floral prints very dark and glamorous

The prices are quite affordable, ranging from 25 – 30 € up to 60 €, some models only go up a little ‘ prices and you get to 150, 00 €.

Photos Source By Asos

Top 5 Fabulous Places To Celebrate Christmas With Family

Are you a fan of Christmas? Do you love illuminations, race gifts, the smell of mulled wine or turkey with the chestnut grandmother? It’s a good thing, but how about taking some distance with all these rituals and celebrates Christmas differently? Here are the 5 best places for an unforgettable Christmas.

Celebrate Christmas in the Far North to revive the magic

When you think of Christmas, we often think of cold, snow falling in large flakes and a little hut in the woods where near a warm fireplace, trôneraient great gifts. If you want your dreams to become reality, then towards Rovaniemi in Finland, which is none other than the Santa Claus Village.

Lapland offers a legendary festival and a unique experience. You will be surrounded by dense forests, white reindeer, elves and the famous Santa Claus, with whom you can even take a souvenir photo. Guests will be won by the joy and good mood, which make Rovaniemi a magical place where celebrate Christmas with family.

Due to the proximity of the village to the Arctic Circle, you will also the chance to attend the spectacular Northern Lights. Side activities, treat you to a tour with huskies or reindeer, a snowmobile safari or a visit to Santa’s office to leave it in a safe place, your list for next year.

#travel #Finland #rovaniemi #stanavillage #christmas

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New York, one of the best places to spend Christmas overseas

For all lovers of grandeur and effervescence, New York stands out as the city in which to spend the New Year holidays.

Manhattan will surprise indeed more in this period: it will shine a thousand lights with all its colourful billboards, on both sides of buildings, and the flakes fall on the busy streets of Time Square.

You can obviously not escape the iconic and huge Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, as well as its outdoor rink. Take the opportunity to visit the Christmas markets: Bryant Park, Grand Central Terminal, Union Square Park … Big Apple is waiting for you!

The Caribbean islands, or how to celebrate Christmas in the sun!

If you fancy a change of scenery in climate, tasty and carols towards the Caribbean, one of the best destinations for the holiday season.

Whatever the chosen island, the most important to remember is that when you arrive, you can take off your jacket and huge spend the rest of your stay in a bikini. That alone is already a huge gift! As for the island destination, the choice is wide.

Trinidad, for example, will welcome you with parangs, traditional Christmas music that brings friends and neighbours for very lively evenings. As for the menu, smoked ham, rum punch, wine, ginger beer and turkey, what to delight the taste buds!

Cuba also awaits you. Join the lively Havana the night of December 25 with maracas. Browse through the streets, listening to the music emanating from every street corner, and taste the typical meal of pork, rice with black beans, tubers and pastries.

But beware, in Cuba, there is no gift on Christmas Day, it will be the Magi on January 6.

Pretty pretty. #cayoguillermo #meliacayoguillermo #sun #sand #blueskies #palmtrees #cuba

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One of the best places in the southern hemisphere to spend Christmas? Australia of course!

If the flight is not an obstacle for you, then destination Australia to spend Christmas unforgettable. It all began on 24 evening. Make vocalisations and get ready to sing Christmas Songs to the end of the night!

Indeed, the tradition is that on Christmas Eve, Christmas concerts are held throughout the country. If you’re lucky, you may even witness a great show in Melbourne, mixing traditional songs, songs and contemporary illuminations.

The day of December 25, is the output of all the Santas on the beaches. In shirt and shorts, they indulge in surfing competitions organised on many beaches in the country. This tradition will surprise more than one!

As for the menu, ham on the bone, turkey and baked potato and the famous Christmas pudding. However, the country is multicultural, alternative sees more and more the day: organising a picnic on the beach with family or a barbeque with friends in the garden.

Australia for Christmas? There is one more step!

Paris, one of the best places to spend Christmas in France

Closer to us, but just as magical, Paris will easily emerge as the destination for celebrating Christmas. Capital recognised for being the most beautiful city in the world, it certainly no exception to its reputation for a period as lively as that of the year-end holidays.

The Champs-Elysées will delight you after dark with its many lights, like a river of light. You may be lucky enough to come on Santa, which often lingers at the bottom of the avenue.

What is certain is that you will be spoiled for choice to do your last minute shopping and thanks to the many stores that line, as well as sheds the Christmas market. If magic does not operate enough for children, towards Marne-la-Vallée and the legendary theme park Disneyland for Christmas.

The True Story Of Santa Claus: It All Starts With Saint Nicholas

We deliver today the origin of Santa Claus. Who is this pot-bellied and jovial man, wearing a red suit and a white beard that we all looked forward to the December 25? Ho Ho Ho, Santa is of course! However, have you ever wondered where he really had?

The origin of Santa Claus: it all starts with Saint Nicholas

First, you should know that Santa has not always existed. Indeed, his appearance has changed over the centuries depending on the evolution of beliefs to win in France in the 1950s.

In the beginning in the fourth century AD, there was Saint Nicholas, an apostle who performed miracles and who was taking care of children with gifts. It was through his good deeds he became the patron saint of schoolchildren.

On 6 December, the German Christians celebrate the day of his death and honour his memory by offering gifts to good children. Accompanied by his donkey, he slips into the chimneys to deliver presents.

We then celebrate in Northern Europe, Eastern and Central Europe. This is the nineteenth century that Saint Nicholas, ” Sinterklaas ” is exported overseas by Dutch immigrants. By deformation, “Sinterklaas” became Santa Claus, that is the current Father Christmas in the United States. The origin of Santa Claus, therefore, taking shape.

The origin of Santa Claus in the literature

Santa appears for the first time in 1821 in the books penned by American writer Clement Clark Moore. In a Christmas story called ” The night before Christmas, ” Santa Claus appears on a sleigh pulled by reindeer.

In 1823, the same author published a text ” A visit from St. Nicholas ” in which elves, a sleigh with reindeer, distribute gifts to the children through the chimney. The origin of Father Christmas comes to life in the imagination of a man and Saint Nicholas thus a new beginning.

In 1850, the illustrator Thomas Nast Santa Claus is as we know it today, namely an old Santa and plump wearing a jacket and red pants and a big leather belt.

In 1885, his residence is set in the North Pole. Gradually, the children’s festival is associated with the birth of Jesus. December 6 is replaced by 25 December. Therefore, Father Christmas becomes more important than Saint Nicholas.

The origin of Santa Claus and advertising

Various Santa Claus illustrations have shown in green, but red. Contrary to what some think, it is not the famous American brand of soda in 1931 finally conferred the colours it has today although it has largely contributed to the dissemination of his image.

Returning forces during the gift distribution thanks to this drink “refresh” the Santa’s magic only to operate with the greatest number. He moved even in Europe and in France at the end of the Second World War despite the resistance of many Catholics.

Original Ideas To Celebrate Christmas Differently

Christmas is the feast that you are fond especially, but this year something is wrong. You do not want to perpetuate the routine established for 10 years. Stop in at Grandma’s Eve with the whole family and hello new! We offer 5 original ideas to celebrate Christmas differently.

Celebrate Christmas couple

Couple celebrate Christmas is an idea that may seem weird at first. The important thing is that both share the same desire to cut all the time a party.

The major advantage of couples celebrate Christmas is to finally find a time in the year to do a head to head and share everything we have not had time to tell the rest of the year because the work takes us all the time and the little we have left, we grant it to yourself.

Celebrate Christmas two, is the opportunity to take stock of the past year and make new plans for that happening. Pamper yourself and plan a nice meal by cooking together. This is an opportunity to make confidences.

Enjoy having no one on the back for doing what you like: watching movies bundled up under the rug by the fireplace, playing console games all day or you exchange reading tips and read a book. Try this original idea to celebrate Christmas, you will not regret it!

Celebrate Christmas with friends

If you like celebrating Christmas surrounded by the world, but unfortunately it is complicated to get together with your family because you are away from it, it is an opportunity to invite your friends. What better than to share a meal with those with whom you tell all your happiness as your woes.

This is also the time to remember the good memories of the year over a meal to which everyone has contributed. No more hours in the kitchen preparing one of the dishes that will be eaten in 5 minutes.

Asking everyone to bring a dish, the insured usability. By inviting friends, you also say goodbye to the eternal family conflicts that arise in this type of meeting you to joy and simple sharing. This original idea to celebrate Christmas with friends no longer deserves to be tested.

Going on a trip for Christmas

What better than to go away from home to live new experiences during Christmas? Whether you select committee with children or large shipping with the whole family, it’s a way to cut daily and forge new memories together.

If you’re more snow and harsh climate, Lapland awaits you. Introduce the young and old the Santa Claus Village and meet in person. Rent a cabin in the woods, the magic of Christmas will operate without fail.

If you’re more heat and beach towards Australia or the Caribbean! Spend Christmas in shorts and flip flops to sip a cocktail feet in the water, it is not given to everyone.

If you and the kids need more animation, choose a theme park. Another beautiful original idea to celebrate Christmas differently.

To serve others for Christmas

If you want to break with tradition, it is the opportunity to give some of his people and to allow, for those who do not have the means to celebrate this Christmas with dignity.

Many organisations recruit volunteers each year to spend the most beautiful wake the poor.

Check with your local council that will give you the name of the associations in question. So you can contribute to the meal, the service, or decorate the room, the whole being to fight against isolation and pass all a good time.

By opting for this Christmas solidarity is the guarantee to offer the most beautiful Christmas gifts: your smile and warmth.

Also find our places of ideas to celebrate Christmas.

Overview Of Christmas Traditions In Europe And The Us

If Christmas is celebrated today in practically the whole world, each country has its own way to celebrate. Thus a way to perpetuate the customs and traditions of a population to remain united in this festive period. Express trip to Europe and the United States to explore the Christmas traditions.

Christmas traditions in England

In England, Christmas is called ” Christmas “, which means the Mass of Christmas Eve and it is with enthusiasm that this feast is followed in this country. The English have a Christmas tradition since the nineteenth century which is sent to all the people they know, friends, family, a greeting card, and from the beginning of December.

Everyone hangs his cards above the chimney and leaves until the Epiphany. The houses are decorated in red and green, and in each of them stands a ” Christmas tree “.

Parents and children hang stockings on the fireplace that will collect the gifts. On December 24, the children go out in the streets at night singing Christmas carols, the famous ” Christmas carols “.

They generally receive sweets, small gifts or some parts. For the feast, wait for 25 with opening gifts, the Christmas Mass and the meal. Turkey with chestnuts and Christmas pudding oblige.

Christmas by the Italians

Christmas holidays in Italy usually last three days, from 24th to 26th December. The tree is decorated on December 8 and the crib settles 9 days before the birth of Jesus. Christian country par excellence, it is in Italy that the crib was created around the fifteenth century.

Italian Christmas traditions vary by region. Indeed, the north is Santa, ” Babo Natale ” or the little Jesus, “Gesu Bambino” who brings gifts on December 25th.

Moreover, gifts are offered on December 13 on the occasion of St. Lucia. In the south, the children wait until January 6 the famous witch, the ” Befana “, leaving gifts to nice and coal to more villains.

Gluttony hand, traditional cakes acclaimed at this time of year are the Panettone, with orange peel and raisins, and the Pandoro, a “toast” dusted with icing sugar. Buon Natale!

Christmas Traditions in Germany

Christmas celebrations in Germany start the first Sunday of Advent with the opening of Christmas markets throughout the country. In each family, it builds an Advent wreath with spruce branches and there has notably four candles that will be lit the four Sundays before Christmas.

Here was born the tradition of the Christmas tree. It is decorated mostly 24 December by children.

Regarding gifts, these are distributed in several times. December 6 by Saint Nicolas, 25 by Christ-Kind (baby Jesus).

Next culinary traditions of Christmas, the traditional dish is the grilled goose accompanied by red cabbage and apples.

Christmas USA version

One of the Christmas traditions popular in the United States is the decoration of houses both inside and outside which starts right after Thanksgiving. The disproportion is required!

The Americans are also fond during this period of Christmas movies they watch family. They also have a habit of placing elves, Santa’s spies in the house and the change places so that they monitor children’s behaviour until December 25.

December 24 evening, is also found in the United States the Christmas carols sing the famous ” Jingle bells “. Kitchen, the country is multicultural, everybody brought some traditions for the meal even if the turkey, acclaimed at Thanksgiving, gives way to beef on the table.

Wherever you go, you will always find the Egg Nog, eggnog, the house prepares for its guests in welcome. It consists of milk, egg yolk, milk and rum. Merry Christmas!

Christmas traditions in French

Last countries but not least! Christmas in France is a family holiday where food is often in the spotlight. Foie gras, oysters, wine, capon, log … enough already hang anything kilos in listing the dishes!

About Christmas traditions classic, towns and villages put on their most beautiful settings for more than a month. Stores are also decorated and even create animated magic windows.

Each family sets up its Christmas tree and children love the advent calendar that allows them to wait until Christmas. Gifts are deposited either on 24 the evening for those celebrating New Year’s Eve, or the night of 25 for those favouring lunch. Merry Christmas!

Buddha Bowl, Naan Pizza, Sauerkraut … Pinterest Reveals The 10 Food Trends Of 2017

All Tomorrow’s Food Trends were identified by Pinterest, which just released its annual report. Then, then, then, what will put them to adopt in 2017?

Every day, millions and millions of topics are searched on Pinterest. Obviously, food trends have not escaped the enthusiasm of the social network has just released the results of its annual survey. Of the 75 billion ideas abound on the platform,

10 food trends stood out, showing a real interest of users for them. Naturally, they should take centre stage coming months. After Poke Bowl, the Pasta One-pot or the Mocktail, what food trends are coming garnish our meals and aperitifs in 2017?

The Buddha Bowl

The bowls are popular right now! Like the Poke Bowl or the Smoothie Bowl, Buddha Bowl is the most popular trend of the moment, especially by the amateurs of healthy food. Yes, this dish is acclaimed for its nutritional benefits. vegetable proteins, grains, legumes, all the inputs we need are concentrated there!

The Buddha Bowl, The Healthy Trend Of The Moment
The Buddha Bowl, The Healthy Trend Of The Moment

Fruit Bread

This tropical fruit came from Polynesia and Indonesia will wreak havoc in 2017! With a taste reminiscent of sweet potato is a source of protein. Vitamin C, starch, sugar, it is very effective especially to aid digestion.

Breadfruit, the New Tofu


Hard to believe, yet the mollusk with long tentacles is the new hobby chefs. Featuring soft flesh and a salty taste (due to ingesting shellfish), he sits for some time at the table Bistronomes. Is that it has the wind in louse (l) pe!

The Octopus Has The Wind In Its Sails
The Octopus Has The Wind In Its Sails


Empanadas are the appetizers that everyone pulls. Very easy to prepare, these slippers stuffed (meat, fish, vegetables) are the food simple and effective trend 2017!

Empanadas, The Darling Appetizer In South America
Empanadas, The Darling Appetizer In South America

Sour Beer

Beer lovers will recognise fail. This beer tastes sour, tangy and slightly spicy (due to the coriander key) is that it will be fashionable to order next year!

Sour beer, safe idea
Sour beer, safe idea

Vacuum Cooking

For some years that cooking vacuum has proven its merits. However, this trend still holds the top rank of the food trends. To keep all the flavours, nutrients but also the texture of foods (mainly meat and fish), a cooking vacuum has every reason to new followers.

Cooking sous-vide always much acclaimed
Cooking sous-vide always much acclaimed

The Naan Pizza

We love the pizza, we love the naan. We love Italy, we love India. We like the mix we like the novelty. No need to say more about this new way of cooking the pizza which obviously attracted a lot of gourmets!

The Naan Pizza, A New Way To Cook Pizza Dough
The Naan Pizza, A New Way To Cook Pizza Dough

The Sauerkraut

Like its Korean counterpart, sauerkraut is very good for our health, in particular for transit and the intestinal flora. No wonder it puts popular is the new hobby of foodies.

Sauerkraut is the new kimchi
Sauerkraut is the new kimchi

Alternatives to Olive Oil

Not that olive oil is bad for health, but just to vary the flavours and pleasures, replacing seems to stimulate Internet users. coconut oil, macadamia or avocado, the choice is multiple.

Alternatives to Olive Oil
Alternatives to Olive Oil

Balanced Chips

Because we like to always receive friends for a small drink but we want to keep a green button, the chips vegetables are perfect for the occasion. And in addition, they brighten the diners!

Balanced Chips

Now you know now what trends Food 2017 is about to launch, through the report issued by Pinterest. Your turn to put you at the top!

Christmas 2016 in the Caribbean! Offers and Ideas For Holiday

Caribbean Christmas vacation is near and if your dream is to go to the Caribbean to spend the holiday in the heat and take a respite from winter, the exotic destinations to choose from no shortage: from Cuba to the Bahamas, Barbados from Santo Domingo Caribbean havens offer picturesque white sand beaches, clear water and of course a warm and welcoming. If you think you can not afford a dream vacation like this does not despair, as there are several offers very attractive and affordable even for the Christmas period. Discover with us some of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, there is still time to spend the Christmas holiday dream!

Christmas is almost upon us and there is nothing better than to spend it in the Caribbean: the Caribbean Sea overlook some of the islands

Cheap Caribbean Islands For Christmas and Holiday

Varadero is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Cuba with its endless white sand beaches lapped by turquoise waters, but also thanks to all the other services they offer: including exclusive resorts, excursions on virgin islands, excellent restaurants that cook international dishes, water sports, markets selling local crafts and discos where salsa dancing, there’s something for all tastes and all needs and during a vacation in Varadero sure you do not risk getting bored! The site offers an extensive all-inclusive from Milan Malpensa Airport on December 11 and return on December 21: the package includes return flight with luggage, full board transfers to and from the airport final price of € 2,339 per couple.

Even the Bahamas are a perfect destination for a Caribbean vacation: thanks to the proximity of the archipelago to the United States, you can combine a visit to New York or Miami with the relaxation offered by the white beaches overlooking the Caribbean Sea. For those who prefer to stay there is the more mundane modern capital Nassau, while for those who like to isolate themselves to relax in the shade of the palm trees are the heavenly beaches of Grand Bahama, that among the larger islands is also the closest to the United States . For a stay in the Bahamas during the Christmas holidays you can opt for a cruise in the Caribbean such as those proposed by the site, touching even Key West and Miami, or if you are a group of friends or a large family rent a house thanks to the site

The Dominican Republic is another classic Caribbean destination that offers its visitors the postcard beaches of the south coast of the island, which constitute the main tourist attraction, is no accident here lays the capital Santo Domingo, the first city built by settlers in the New World, which is a splendid example of colonial architecture from the lively Caribbean soul. The most famous beaches in the country are those of Punta Cana and La Romana, characterized by long stretches of white sand and both served by international airports reached by direct flights from Italy. On the site you can find different attractive offers for a living Christmas in Santo Domingo: for example, the price of an 8 night stay at the Hotel Celuisma Playa Dorada with flight and taxes starts from € 1,549 per person.

Barbados is a pearl of the Caribbean Sea where to find both beaches suitable for those who love water sports and snorkeling, as the Dover Beach and the beach at Silver Sands, both coasts best equipped for families and children, as the Carlisle Bay on the coast Southern; for those who love the most pristine beaches and lonely instead there is the Martin’s Bay, between the bays wildest of the east coast. On the site there are interesting offers like hotel Infinity on The Beach, which for 10 nights between 20 December and 30 December proposes a standard double room at around € 1,569. If all this talk of sun, sea and beaches of the Caribbean there has made me want to discover other destinations sunny, check out the offers and new trends spends Christmas 2014 warm between the Canary Islands and Brazil.

A beach on the island of Grand Bahama
A beach on the island of Grand Bahama
A house overlooking the sea in Barbados
A house overlooking the sea in Barbados
A lone umbrella on the beach of Varadero in Cuba
A lone umbrella on the beach of Varadero in Cuba
A pier jutting into the sea of the Bahamas
A pier jutting into the sea of the Bahamas
A postcard beach in Barbados
A postcard beach in Barbados
Abaco Beach alle Bahamas
Abaco Beach alle Bahamas
Accra Beach alle Barbados
Accra Beach alle Barbados
Aguilas Bay Pedernales nella Repubblica Dominicana
Aguilas Bay Pedernales nella Repubblica Dominicana
An oceanfront resort in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic
An oceanfront resort in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic
Beach Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic
Beach Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic
Cayo Levantado in the Dominican Republic
Cayo Levantado in the Dominican Republic
Cliffs overlooking the sea in Bahia de las Aguilas Pedernales in the Dominican Republic
Cliffs overlooking the sea in Bahia de las Aguilas Pedernales in the Dominican Republic
Coco Beach a Cuba
Coco Beach a Cuba
Crane Beach alle Barbados
Crane Beach alle Barbados
Crystal clear water in the Bahamas
Crystal clear water in the Bahamas
Dominicus Beach in the Dominican Republ
Dominicus Beach in the Dominican Republ
Green palm trees overlooking the turquoise sea of the Dominican Republic
Green palm trees overlooking the turquoise sea of the Dominican Republic
Lush vegetation and clear sea in the Bahamas
Lush vegetation and clear sea in the Bahamas
Overview of a beach paradise of Barbados
Overview of a beach paradise of Barbados
Palm trees overlooking the turquoise sea of Barbados
Palm trees overlooking the turquoise sea of Barbados
Paradise Island alle Bahamas
Paradise Island alle Bahamas
Relax on a dream beach in the Dominican Republic
Relax on a dream beach in the Dominican Republic
Sunrise on a beach in Barbados
Sunrise on a beach in Barbados
Sunset in Barbados
Sunset in Barbados
Sunset in Cuba
Sunset in Cuba
Sunset on a Cuban beach
Sunset on a Cuban beach
Sunset on the Playa Grande in the Dominican Republic
Sunset on the Playa Grande in the Dominican Republic
The lush vegetation of Cayo Levantado in the Dominican Republic
The lush vegetation of Cayo Levantado in the Dominican Republic
The waves crashing on a white sand beach in Barbados
The waves crashing on a white sand beach in Barbados
turquoise waters of the Bahamas
turquoise waters of the Bahamas
Untouched nature in the Dominican Republic
Untouched nature in the Dominican Republic

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Where To Find A Cashmere Sweater At Reasonable Prices?

A cashmere sweater at good prices? Good news, it’s possible! Etam, Monoprix, Zara, these brands selected some tracks of the affordable cashmere sweater. It’ll just make your choice of the cheap sweater to keep warm this winter and made autumn winter trends!

Difficult to make THE right choice of beautiful cashmere sweater as often, cashmere garments are overpriced and eventually pilling. It must be said that this is difficult to maintenance. Cashmere is synonymous with sweetness, fiber fineness, and quality. It is obtained from the weaving pile of goat Capra Hircus, who lives on the Tibetan plateau, the Himalayan region and mainly in Mongolia. All a culture which is why this soft, delicate, comfortable and with undeniable thermal qualities, returns so dear …

But fortunately, there are some valuable tips fashion to find a winter sweater price if not mini, at least at low cost for its winter shopping. Between fashion sites that discount all year, brand cheap fast-fashion, sweaters small thickness son and blended cashmere sweaters: discover all the fashion tips to buy a sweater at a knockdown price, to be gentle as a lamb all winter.

Cheap cashmere sweater: cashmere specialists

Some websites specialize in cashmere often make discounts up to 50% off turtlenecks to sweaters and other cashmere vests, all while surfing the fashion trend autumn-winter.

  • Street

With its 300 models available, the site offers a wide selection of brands ranging from Rebel to Cashmere By Chantal Jaillot. Articles at reasonable prices, especially for sweaters promo. You can easily find a simple cashmere sweater between 50 and 100 €.

  • Kashmir Land

The trick of, attractive internet prices. For example, a classic V-neck sweater 2 sons will cost € 199 in store and 99 € in order by the Internet.

  • Mahogany Kashmir

Via the tab” Essential to low prices ,” the website Mahogany-Cachemire sells 100% cashmere sweaters in of € 80/100.

  • Hector and Lola

In “tab Small prices ” website “Hector and Lola, Kashmir and other pranks ,” there are discounts up to 50% off women’s clothing including cashmere sweaters.

Hector and Lola also give some tips to wash a cashmere sweater.

Cheap cashmere sweater: big clothing brands

  • The 100% cashmere sweaters

Large retailers such as Etam, Uniqlo, La Redoute, Monoprix, Zara, H & M and Galeries Lafayette offer 100% cashmere sweaters at low prices in the 80-90 €. Etam, for example, you can become the proud owner of a 100% cashmere sweater for less than 70 €!

  • The blended cashmere sweaters

More cashmere percentage, the lower the price drops. The another advantage of sweater cashmere blend is that it keeps warm, compared to acrylic sweaters.

Asos, Wool Overs, Kiabi, Cyrillus or Balsamik offer between 3% and 30% cashmere. The result: very low prices, even starting at € 10 Kiabi!

Cheap cashmere sweater: multibrand with ongoing promotions

Ideal for finding the pull of your dreams with cashmere is to watch for the promotion by major distributors.


The private sale site offers cashmere sweaters large discount brands like Royal Kashmir, Benetton, Cashmere 4 ever, Feeling, Cyrillus, Caroll …

The fashion shopping and decor site broadcasts all year major promotions sweaters major retailers such as La Redoute, Bargain, Street Kashmir Brandalley, Hector and Lola, Balsamik or Uncle Jeans.

To learn more, here in detail 6 best ways to find a cheap cashmere. After that, you will be unbeatable in the field!

That said, do not lose sight of a cashmere at very low prices in thermal lose quality and finesse. In this case, if you want a sweater very good, you may very well turn to big brands like Eric Bompard, and expect to take advantage of private sale or winter sales!

A Cashmere Sweater  At A Small Price By Etam

A luxury that becomes available from € 69.99! Offer her or treat yourself to a precious mesh 100% cashmere Coloramas the trendy and essential forms.

Col V or boat, play layering by mixing with a chic shirt, or it leads them to the skin on a sensual lace triangle. A unique gift to offer or to be offered!

Etam Cashmere Sweater With A Small Price

A Cashmere At A Small Price: Cyrillus

Best known for children, Cyrillus brand also has a wide collection woman. Items feminine, simple, fairly standard mode to suit all styles.

What choice of cashmere sweaters?

Sweaters for straight cuts, with V-necks, boat necks or turtlenecks, for a chic and sober.

The price of cashmere sweaters

For the women’s collection, two types of cashmere sweaters exist mixed mesh fantasy about € 50, composed of 35% viscose, 30% lambswool, 20% polyamide, 8% and 7% angora cashmere.

And 100% cashmere € 99.90 as against below.

A Cashmere Sweaters With Small Price By Cyrillus

A Cashmere Sweaters At A Small Price: UNIQLO

Good fashion addict is not aware that the Japanese brand Uniqlo is renowned for its warm clothes and cheap.

What choice of cashmere sweaters?

Uniqlo offers a wide choice of colors in her sweaters: light brown, off-white, light gray, dark gray, black, pink, red, orange, dark brown, green, light blue, blue, navy blue.

Similarly for sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

The price of cashmere sweaters

The majority of cashmere V-neck sweaters are around € 80 for the 100% cashmere.

On some like white sweater against below, you can even enjoy special offers knocking them € 59.90 instead of € 79.90.

Cheap Warm Clothes Like Cashmere Sweaters

A Cashmere At A Small Price: MONOPRIX

Fashionistas know this: Monoprix offers beautiful cashmere from € 89.99!

What choice of cashmere sweaters?

  • – The models are simple and well-cut V-neck, round collars and jackets.
  • – The colors, for their part, are fairly standard: heather gray, black, beige, navy blue, but Monoprix also offers sky blue, light blue, red, orange, raspberry pink, khaki and light green.

The price of cashmere sweaters

From € 89.99 for a round neck cashmere or cashmere V or 100% from € 44.99 for a sweater in wool and 5% cashmere.

Beautiful Cashmere Sweaters By Monoprix

A Cashmere Sweaters At A Small Price: ASOS

The English e-commerce site is no longer present. Everyone knows and recognizes its fashion products, accessories and leather goods cheap and always on trend.

  • What choice of cashmere sweaters?

Very original cuts and colors out of the ordinary, like blue jeans, a dark red or orange tobacco.

  • The price of cashmere sweaters

Blended cashmere sweaters there are oscillating between 40 and 100 €, depending on the percentage of this cashmere.

The cons, brown sweater tunic sweater in the cashmere blend, 50% cotton, 25% viscose, 20% nylon, 5% cashmere, ASOS Collection, € 48.99.

Blended Brown Cashmere Sweaters With  Price By Uniqlo

A Cheap Cashmere Sweaters Hector And Lola

Hector & Lola, this is THE stylish cashmere specialists with fancy finishes. This designer brand offers sweaters and vests 100% cashmere with a certain expertise.

What choice of cashmere sweaters?

A wide choice of models, basic to the most fanciful, as printed python or princess motif for a more casual look. Round collars, V-collar, insets at the sleeves: no model will look like!

The price of cashmere sweaters

With their “tab, The Small price ” up to 50%, cashmere blended with 10% or 20% of cashmere can fall in the 50 €.

And € 98 for a 100% cashmere, as shown against.


A Cashmere Sweaters At A Small Price: ZARA

The Spanish retail chain is known for its frequent replenishment. And that’s mostly it pleases, in addition to its reasonable prices!

What choice of cashmere sweaters?

  • Sweaters and long tunics Cashmere in neutral tones: heather gray, light gray, dark gray, black, light brown, dark brown …
  • Cuts trendy, wide enough and flared.

The price of cashmere sweaters

  • Rates cashmere sweaters oscillate within 100 € on average.
  • The cons, sweater V-neck, and scarf 100% cashmere gray mottled, € 89.95.

ZARA  Cons V-neck and Scarf  Cashmere Sweaters

A Cheap Cashmere Sweaters: H & M

The Swedish giant to please trends models and prices still quite attractive.

What choice of cashmere sweaters?

Classic cashmere sweaters for longer cuts. The majority is pinned “Premium Quality”, a soft ribbed knit cashmere-wool.

The price of cashmere sweaters

Cashmere blended or 100% cashmere, always very attractive prices: between € 59.99 and € 99.99 for a long model.

The cons, a 100% cashmere sweater in fine mesh, turquoise dark mottled color, premium quality, € 69.99.

Soft Ribbed Knit Wool Cheap Cashmere Sweaters