70s Hairstyles Inspiration For Fall-Winter In 2017 Old Style

70s hairstyles autumn-winter 2017 will feature the 70s haircuts and the sober colors of that beautiful and innovative period. The old style sooner or later comes back, and for the cold season, we will have the return of the beautiful voluminous hair and geometric.

The long cuts have the sinuous lines with waves that make the cut moved. The strands become moves with a perfect center line and well in order. The long fringe certainly not remain aside, very feminine and mischievous. The fringe also from sensuality to her faces… Just remember to always choose the one that suits your face shape.

70s Hairstyles

70s Hairstyles For Short Haircuts Fall Winter 2017

The short haircuts acquire volume thanks to salted meats that make it a very chic look. It is an ideal cut for those who have very thin hair. In this way, the hair will retain more easily the volume also for short hair no shortage of geometric cuts. Create a youthful and trendy. They can be dressed with soft waves on top, but the tips are dismissive.

Afro 70s hairstyles with headband 2017 winter trend

The return of the hairband worn as a kind of turban

In full 70s style back the band. This is not the end commissioning nineties style but applied as a turban. The headband is perfect to protect them from the cold but did not fully cover the hair. By doing so you will have ears warm but the hair remains the same move.

In all cases it is always the same keyword or volume, which is soft waves or curls tight, does not change. The lucky with curly hair can finally stop iron them and bring them unkemptly as the beautiful African women. Not tannic years ago it was Rihanna to wow audiences with a rich and rebellious red hair.

For the coming autumn and winter 2017, voluminous hair and geometric cuts 70s style, characterize the foliage of many, fascinated by the past period. Hair left natural or hairstyles afro style embellished with accessories that come back to the fore, such as the band, designed to highlight the hairstyle.

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