Aromatic Diet For Weight Lose
Aromatic Diet For Weight Lose

Aromatic diet was used in ancient China. It helps to control weight and was very popular. The principle of operation is based on the effects of certain odors on the human body. The fact that it is often increased appetite and a set of extra weight associated with psychological conditions: stress, depression, apathy, bad mood. Man seeks in such situations to enjoy the food and begins to “jam” their problems. Using scents can calm the nervous system; relieve tension,

Aromatic Diet For Weight Lose

In addition to the diet of the principle effects of aromas directly to the loss of appetite.

Aromatic Fruit Salad

To experience the effect of aromatic diet, you can prepare a salad of apple and banana. The flavors of these fruits in combination with mint and vanilla quench hunger. You need to mix a small amount of chopped fruit with mint leaves, add the vanilla extract and heat in a skillet, add the olive oil. Fragrance mixture is inhaled during bouts of hunger with a strong desire can in 15 minutes easy snack yogurt salad, fruit.

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Why Are The Smells You Can Weight Lose

Technique effects flavors is quite simple. Inhaling the scents of herbs, extracts and spices before eating, man, of course is not filled completely but there is a decrease in appetite. After such a session are small enough portions to satisfy hunger. Given this, the diet can be used in conjunction with other techniques. It makes it easier to move the fasting days and stricter diet. It is important to remember that the body is getting used to the flavors, smells so must constantly change. The disadvantage of the method is the possibility of allergy to sharp flavors. Apply a diet away from home is sometimes problematic.

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Even your favorite perfume to help lose weight if they are calming for example, if you love the Goddess perfume Amouage, their subtle oriental fragrance will help you move towards the goal.

Impact Of Essential Oils

Pick up the oil can be individually, taking into account the tastes, preferences and reactions slimming. Nutritionists recommend a diary to record the results to identify the most effective flavors. Better to start with those scents that soothe the nervous system. For example geranium oil, it improves emotional state, speeds up the metabolism.

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Great impact on appetite fennel & it not only reduces the feeling of hunger but also energizes and ease. Well help soothing bath with essential oils. You can use a combination of cinnamon, tangerine and rosemary or lemon, mint and geranium.

The Result Of The Aromatic Diet

Practice has shown high effectiveness of this diet. But it should be borne in mind that it is not suitable for quick results. Losing weight is easy, painless but it is long. It is important to adjust themselves to the achievement of results in the long term.