She Asked 8 Makeup Artists To Make Her Stylish Makeover. Look what happened!

Victoria held a bold experiment: she signed up for makeup artists Korner 8 leading luxury brands with a request to make her “stylish and trendy makeup.” 8 turned images, completely similar to each other not only in appearance but also the cost of the used equipment. Compared and analyzed!

“My experiment was very honest: I did not put forward any specific requirements, to each of the makeup artists listed below, I came without any makeup at all and with the same haircut, in monochromatic white or black clothes. My request sounded the same: “I do not know how to paint, and I do not know what kind of makeup I go. Help me, please, pick up the money for a stylish, trendy makeup and show, how to use them. ” All the funds I carefully wrote down, and immediately after the make-up asked me to take a picture. ”


8. MAC

Makeup artist complained, my skin is highly dehydrated, s

o we started with the application of lotions, which were instantly compensated for the lack of moisture. My face was not very healthy color, so it took the lotion with the effect of radiance and average tone density.

Full list of features: Lotion Marine Bright Softening, lotion mineralize Timecheck, moisturizer effect Lights Strobe Cream Goldlite, foundation Face & old Body C2, Concealer Studio Fix Perfecting Stick, pencil Lingering brow, shade Star Violet, Coppering , Brun and Stolen Moment, eyeliner and Brilliance Groundbreaker, mascara Lash Instacurl, lip contour Pro Spicy & Nice Longwear lip Liner, lipstick color Shanghai Spice.

Makeup took 1.5 hours.

If I bought a used all means, I would have spent 23,530 rubles *.