Makeup Artists To Make Her Stylish Makeover

Victoria held a bold experiment: she signed up for makeup artists Korner 8 leading luxury brands with a request to make her “stylish and trendy makeup.” 8 turned images, completely similar to each other not only in appearance but also the cost of the used equipment. Compared and analyzed!

“My experiment was very honest: I did not put forward any specific requirements, to each of the makeup artists listed below, I came without any makeup at all and with the same haircut, in monochromatic white or black clothes. My request sounded the same: “I do not know how to paint, and I do not know what kind of makeup I go. Help me, please, pick up the money for a stylish, trendy makeup and show, how to use them. ” All the funds I carefully wrote down, and immediately after the make-up asked me to take a picture. ”


Makeup artist complained, my skin is highly dehydrated, s

o we started with the application of lotions, which were instantly compensated for the lack of moisture. My face was not very healthy color, so it took the lotion with the effect of radiance and average tone density.

Full list of features: Lotion Marine Bright Softening, lotion mineralize Timecheck, moisturizer effect Lights Strobe Cream Goldlite, foundation Face & old Body C2, Concealer Studio Fix Perfecting Stick, pencil Lingering brow, shade Star Violet, Coppering , Brun and Stolen Moment, eyeliner and Brilliance Groundbreaker, mascara Lash Instacurl, lip contour Pro Spicy & Nice Longwear lip Liner, lipstick color Shanghai Spice.

Makeup took 1.5 hours.

If I bought a used all means, I would have spent 23,530 rubles *.

Makeup Artist Used Mac Cosmetic For Skin Highly Dehydrated


Makeup artist invited me to use the funds, the existence of which I, admit, and did not suspect: blush and lip tint means for, which are adapted to my individual skin tone. Very cool stuff! And pleased base Serum for mascara, thanks to which my eyelashes look like accrued, although I swear, I do not any eyelashes glued!

Full list of features: cleansing lotion the One Essential software, base Diorskin Forever & of Ever Wear app, foundation Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation, concealer the Flash Luminizer, Powder Diorskin Forever & of Ever the Control loose powder, blush Diorskin Rosy Glow, reticulation of shadows 4 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Couture Nuance shade the Coral Graduation, base-serum under mascara Diorshow Maximizer 3D, mascara Diorshow The Iconic Overcurl mascara, gel for eyebrows Diorshow brow Styler, balm-exfoliating lip the lip for Sugar Scrub, means for increasing the volume of the lips Dior Addict lip Maximizer, lipstick-gloss Dior Addict lip Glow.

Makeup took 1:00.

If I bought a used all means, I would have spent 36,459 rubles.

Makeup Artist Used Dior Cosmetic For Individual Skin Tone Makeup


In addition to my delight this way (until now I dared to bright lipstick, nothing, nothing!), I want to say thank you so much makeup artist for the opening of a new serum for me Blue Serum. I did not expect an instant effect! The skin has calmed down, smoothed out, freshened up, I almost did not abandon the application of colors.

Full list of features: serum the Blue Serum, under makeup Le Blanc, foundation-care effect radiance Sublimage Le Teint, proofreader Correcteur the Perfection, Palette Rouge Coco Code, reticulation shadows Les 4 Ombres Multi-shade Candeur Experience, pencil Eye Stylo Yeux Waterproof Espresso color, mascara the Volume De Chanel Le, eyebrow pencil Sourcils crayon, lipstick Rouge Allure Velvet shade Rouge Vie.

Make-up took 1 hour and 15 minutes.

If I bought a used all means, I would have spent 34,334 rubles.

Makeup Artist Used Chanel Cosmetic For Skin Tone Makeup

Yves Saint Laurent

While makeup artist creates that image, I made myself a note on the phone: by tonne Éclat Le Teint Touche Foundation, because it literally changed the earthy tone of my face, but it was weightless and invisible!

Full list of features: Base Touche Éclat Blur the of Primer, tone Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation, concealer Anti-Cernes Multi-the Action Concealer, Touche Éclat, eyeshadow Couture Contouring, reticulation shadows Couture Variation an Eye the Palette Paris You, the mascara of The Shock Mascara, reticulation to eyebrow brow the Palette Couture, nail lip Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipstick.

Make-up took 45 minutes.

If I bought a used all means, I would have spent 30,610 rubles.

Makeup Artist Used Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetic For Makeup

Estee Lauder

I was pleased with creative make-up instead of shadows she used bronzer and ventured to put my orange-red satin lipstick, to which I myself, of course, would not be solved. We dispensed with the eyeliner and pencil, but my eyes actually became more expressive!

Full list of features: tone Double Room Wear app Light Stay-in-Place is Makeup, powder Double Room the Matte, bronzer Bronze The Goddess Powder A Bronzer, primer the Flash Illuminator The, blush the Pure the Color the Envy Sculpting Blush, Palatka the New Dimension the Shape + the Sculpt Face Kit, mascara Double Room Wear app Mascara, lipstick Envy Pure Color lipstick.

Make-up took 45 minutes.

If I bought a used all means, I would have spent 29,823 rubles.

Estee Lauder Used Estee Lauder Cosmetic For Makeup + Orange-Red Satin Lipstick + Bronzer

Urban Decay

This is the most creative make-up, which I have ever worn! Gold, bronze, red tone on black graphically arrows! I myself do not ever learn, but I got a real pleasure, I was a canvas, on which the artist worked!

Complete list of tools: spray the Quick Fix Prep Spray, tone Naked Skin A the Liquid Makeup, Concealer Naked Skin A Concealer, tonal basis Naked Skin A Powder A Foundation, a spray for fixing make the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, primer Eye Eyeshadow of Primer Potion A, reticulation shadows Naked 1 Eyeshadow the Palette, shade Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow of Naked the Palette, pencil Eye an Eye the pencil 24/7, liquid eyeliner with glitter the Glitter Eyeliner Metal Heavy, eyebrow pencil Beater brow, mascara mascara Perversion, highlighter Afterglow, blush Flushed of Naked, lip liner 24/7 the Pencil the On the Lip Glide, lipstick Vice lipstick.

Makeup took 1 hour 20 minutes.

If I bought a used all means, I would have spent 29,625 rubles.

Makeup Artist Used Urban Decay Cosmetic Tone Naked Skin A The Liquid Makeup, Concealer Naked Skin A Concealer

Bobby Brown

I was shocked, how long it took the selection of colors, all perfectly combined. Blueliner, pale violet shadows, and perfect eyebrows: it seems to me, in these photos my eyes are much larger than it actually is! Despite the abundance of the means used, I do not look pretentious, I love it!

Full list of features: Cleansing Milk Soothing Cleansing Milk, cream foundation Vitamin Enriched Face Base, moisturizing eye cream Hydrating an Eye Cream, stable tone Long-Wear app Even the Finish the Compact Foundation, caring concealer Intensive Skin A Serum Concealer, bronzer Powder Bronzing Powder A, multipurpose powder the Brick Brightening, eyebrow pencil Long Wear app the Defined Perfectly brown the pencil, cream shade Wear app Cream Shadow Long, shiny shade Eyeshadow Sparkle, eyeliner Gel Eyeliner Wear app Long , mascara and Eye mascara Smoky, lipstick Lip Color.

Make-up took 45 minutes.

If I bought a used all means, I would have spent 38,783 rubles.

Makeup Artist Used Bobby Brown Cosmetic Blue Liner, Pale Violet Shadows, And Perfect Eyebrows


For some reason, I was sure, that the focus of the makeup artist will give eyebrows, but it turned out, that the longest time she was engaged in skin tone. I definitely time to leave, the winter turned me into a chlorosis. Well, that with the help of cosmetics is an easy fix!

Full list of features: moisturizing cream for the face Moisture of Total, Serum It the Up Fix, leveling base for make-up of Gal That, reducing pore gel Professional of The, highlighter Beam High, concealer the Paste the Erase, the base for eye make up the Do not the Stray Stay, bronzer Hoola Bronzer, blush blush California, eyebrow pencil the My brow eyebrow Precisely the pencil, gel for eyebrows the Set brow the Ready, pencil, highlighter brow High, the shadow Beautiful Eyes Eyeshadow Big, eyeliner Eyeliner Real’s for They, mascara Real mascara for They, lipstick and pencil They’re Real Double The Lip.

Makeup took 1:00.

If I bought a used all means, I would have spent 50,323 rubles.

Makeup Artist Used Benefit Cosmetic Engaged In Skin Tone

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