Hairstyles Trend 2017 2018: 13 Suggestions Directly from the Catwalk

Which hairstyles were popular for the catwalk and which hairdressing trends can be developed from this article?

Famous designers such as Dior, Channel and Valentino have already presented their designs for the autumn winter season 2017 2018. And even if the fashion should be the focus of the catwalks, the hair styling of the models attracted the attention of the spectator.


13. Romantic Waves: Dior

The models by Christian Dior wore black leather base coats on their heads. This charming accessory gives each outfit a French touch and looks very elegant in combination with long, wavy hair. The trend in hairstyling is towards “natural looking, soft waves “. To create this natural look. the stylist Guido Palau used kitchen paper instead of curling iron.

He parted his hair into 8 to 10 large batches, wrapped each strand around the paper and made it hot with a flat iron. Then he let the strands cool down for 20 minutes and unwound them. At the end, the curls were gently brushed apart.