How To Lose Weight In 20, 30 And 40 Years

MD Farah Fahad has done a great job and has found out, how to adjust your diet according to the age, to lose weight quickly and safely!

Dr. Fahad involved in metabolism studies in patients of different ages, parallel analysis of their diet. Aside from the obvious slowing of metabolism with age, she discovered, that the different products over the years absorbed by the body differently, and have different effects on weight. Some diets, very effective for the 20-year-old girls, led to weight gain in 40 years, and, on the contrary, quite effective in the 30 years the power system suddenly gave excellent results in 50.

How To Lose Weight In 20, 30 And 40 Years

Based on her research, Dr. Fahad gave general principles of diet for women of certain age groups.

20 Years

At such a young age your metabolism is working fine if there are no problems with the thyroid gland and hormonal, said Dr. Fahad. If a healthy woman begins to grow weight, it should not go on a diet, so as not to create the body of excess stress and do not run ” swing”: thin – decided to treat yourself – gained weight – sat on a diet – thin – decided to treat yourself … Just give up on any prepared food. Semi-finished products, smoked, salted, pizza and fast food – are the main enemies of the young beauties. If you go to the food, which you cook me ( well, okay, Mom), extra weight will go away fairly quickly and without harm to the body.

30 Years

Metabolism is already slowing, but not so critical, to torture myself by fasting. The doctor drew attention to the fact, that it is much easier and faster to lose weight women, the diet which had a lot of nuts, seeds, and grains. Vegetarian food is also focused on the benefit, but the diet with restriction of carbohydrates effect if given, then the short-term, and with a great reverse back. Dr. Fahad offers growing thin 30-year-old the following scheme: one meal a day – completely vegetarian, one – completely fat-free, one – without any restrictions, two snacks on a handful of nuts and seeds.

40 Years

Slowing the metabolism leads to the fact, that the body becomes more difficult to break down a heavy meal. Dr. Fahad recommends increasing the amount of fiber, as it contributes to a better functioning of the digestive tract and speeds up the excretion of excess fat. Which, incidentally, should be added to the diet if 10 years ago the body perfectly without them, now for muscle tone and good condition of the skin fats are essential. But what should be avoided entirely – so this starch in all its manifestations, as well as flour?

Optimal diet: cereal for breakfast, vegetable soup for lunch, lean fish or poultry with vegetables for dinner.

50 Years

Protein diets time! In order not to lose muscle mass, the doctor recommends lean on protein foods and be sure to monitor a number of vitamins and minerals in the diet. The fact is, that with age our body worse absorb vitamins and minerals from the food itself, so the majority must also take them in the form of tablets or capsules. In order not to harm themselves, the doctor recommended losing weight very slowly and smoothly, avoiding the loss of more than 2-3 kg per month.