Dsquared2 Dresses Spring-Summer at Fashion Week in Milan

Direction the beach bar in the parade Dsquared2 spring-summers dresses, Dummies out of their tropical jungle and we expose all parts in eccentricity. The Caten brothers once again bring fun to Milan fashion

Dsquared2 Spring-Summer 2014 at Fashion Week in Milan,white long dress

The skit takes place in a bar on the beach. In tropical trees, some vacancières protect themselves from the midday sun to avoid damaging the new tan. The scene could still last if the music and the light did not remind us that we were indeed in the parade Dsqaured ² spring-summer at the stroke of 24:30, the parade Dsquared ² opened the Milan Fashion Week with fun.

Indeed all parade Dsqaured ² is primarily a show from 15 minutes to enjoy after years of foxtrot last season, the Caten brothers this time reviving a heightened femininity still a bit retro. The sauerkraut and voluminous hair, models have wandered on the podium, the crazy one who knows her power of seduction insurance.

The excessively short strapless dresses barely covered privacy and let escape an early cleavage more or less important as usual at Dsquared ² exuberance is always assumed and culture too much celebrated.

Dsquared2 Spring-Summer 2014 at Fashion Week in Milan-

These doll dresses were paired with ultra feminine range of the parade consisted of swimwear two-piece tall worn underneath the printed or plain jackets. The leg is the star of the collection and the pants are rare.

The next summer so it will have to be carved leg of Dsquared ². Unusually for that matter, the Caten brothers banish almost denim parade their Dsquared ² spring-summers. It is found on a lost amid these shorts and mini dresses silhouette. Like other pants, it close to the body, length 7/8 and ¾ inclusive jackets with the aim to always keep this retro look as such accessories play a major role and confirm this influence from the past.

Eyeglasses or sunglasses butterfly or cap colon revisited perfectly illustrate the point. The holidays are also a way Dsquared ² eccentric than Tommy Hilfiger casual.

Dsquared2 at Fashion Week in Milan

The tropical jungle seems also invade gradually silhouettes that are adorned with animal skin jackets, dresses and swimsuits and transforms the holiday rock irresistible vamp an animal look breathable luxury as the rest of the collection.

Indeed, a simple blouse is worn with a short patent leather while the crocodile skin and structured jackets punctuate the parade. However, a calm breath on the podium Dsquared ² spring-summer among the few robes that wrap UN bodies such as wrapping paper. This allows short lull in the parade Dsquared ² balance not to spend too much assumed the vulgar outright.

Dsquared2 Spring-Summer 2014 at Fashion Week in MilanDsquared2 Spring-Summer 2014 at Fashion Week in Milan-01 Dsquared2 Spring-Summer 2014 at Fashion Week in Milan-04 Dsquared2 Spring-Summer 2014 at Fashion Week in Milan-03 Dsquared2 Spring-Summer 2014 at Fashion Week in Milan-02 Dsquared2 Spring-Summer 2014 at Fashion Week in Milan-05 Dsquared2 Spring-Summer 2014 at Fashion Week in Milan-06

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