Easter Flowers Bouquet Decorations With Colorful and Fragrant Flowers

Easter flowers bouquet decorations with colorful and fragrant flowers to decorate the house and the table

Let’s talk about Easter Flowers bouquet decorations. Today I want to offer a type of decoration is very common, but I will give advice to customize it. I want to talk about flowers, the elements most beautiful and colorful nature that adorn any home.

Give a cool, give a sense of unique vitality, the flowers are elements foundations to achieve the beautiful decorations. I want to explain how to make the bouquet of flowers Easter, accompanied by some decoration linked to the festivities.

First, get yourself the flowers, real or fake, as you like. Personally I suggest the tulips, the color you choose it, but if you take a lot ‘all colored for sure the effect will be even livelier. Obviously, you can choose all the flowers you want: sunflowers, roses, hyacinths … the ones you like best!

Easter flowers bouquet decorations

Take all the Easter decorations you have for home: chicks, bunnies, carrots, hens, eggs, everything you have.

How to prepare the vessel of course you also need a jar in which to place your flowers. Why do not you decide to create it? You can create some beautiful jars Easter DIY, with all the things you have at home. Make it come true to your taste, you can also decide to make it so different decelerate your home at any point.

First, create a base. Get a sponge florist, those bucks to be clear, it’s good enough or polystyrene. Sponge or polystyrene are suitable only if your vessel is clay or any materials that do not see the inside of the vessel, which is not transparent as glass. Otherwise we have to play with the colourful decorations that we use completely.

Get the coloured pebbles, of candies, the eggs of different shades or confetti. In the event that you have put in the jar in the towel (or polystyrene) positioned just the sprinkles on the top layer, but if the vessel is completely transparent fill it with your stones.

Easter Flowers Bouquet Decorations With Colorful and Fragrant Flowers

How to place flowers! Now you have jars and colored base. Take Easter flowers that you have chosen. If they are true, and place them in the jar inaccurately for good, if they are fake instead we can do some special decoration. How? It’s easy! We can stick with small springs, hot glue, ribbons and cords of the decorations we have at home.

If you, like all families, have in the house of decorative chicks, bunnies or any other cookie cutter Easter, apply it on the stem of the fake flowers chosen. You can stick with the hot glue and secure the decorations will never fall, but you can no longer re-use them. You can then opt for the method ribbon. Simply tie your decor to the stem and you’re done.

You can create flowers with Easter eggs. How do? Need twigs or sticks long (like toothpicks, but longer) with polystyrene created an egg, decorate it, and paint the, wrap with the fiberglass tip. Place the stick in the pot already prepared and you’re done!

The bouquet of Easter can be positioned where you want it on the table, especially if apparecchiata just for Easter, reaching the highest levels of beauty.