Elena Santarelli Hairstyles For Summer Short Long Haircuts

The showgirl Elena Santarelli who recently was shown to the public with a new hairstyle, wave effect in converted to short haircuts. you must also enter as for her hair, the Santarelli in recent times has passed frequently Long-cut to the average short, alternating then smooth styling to that corrugated.

The new haircut of Santarelli gives shape to a massive web that demonstrates styling practical and carefree, yet elegant and feminine to best meet the needs of women who face the summer heat. After cutting her long hair, the showgirl decided to splurge a practical irregular hair and climbed that makes it look fresh and young, to create a wavy style folds particularly trendy for the hot season in 2017.

Elena Santarelli Hairstyles For Summer Short And Long Haircuts
Blond wavy hair and the manner of Elena Santarelli

How to achieve styling with hair with voluminous waves and soft

In order to achieve this styling with hair with waves soft and voluminous enough little, however, it must obtain a simple hair dryer and then an iron with which to create elastic waves full of beach style, to create a somewhat natural hair wave. Even those who have straight hair effect can point a wave shaping a harmonious wob dynamic mood minimal chic, you can model in a few minutes, after scoring waves just large enough fingers and a product such as sea salt spray and or a volumizing foam can complete the work and show off a hair look as the one chosen by Elena Santarelli.

The wob, English neologism born from the portmanteau between the terms wave, wave, and bob, was confirmed as a very glamorous version of the bob cut that comes in the middle neck and is characterized by the presence of dynamic waves bodied falling free to frame your face in style boho-chic.

More and more fashion trends are dictated by our idols and film the show anyway. In this case we see, even as Elena Santarelli, has revolutionized her hairstyle and what are the different hairstyles hair that it has adopted.

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