Floating Christmas Tree Made Of Balls And Paper Tinker + Instructions

The perfect Christmas decoration for owners of small apartments and minimalists with a lot of imagination! The floating Christmas tree is the new favorite among the Christmas DIYs on Pinterest. The beautiful Christmas tree balls are tied to transparent threads and seem to float in the air. Today we will show you how you can implement the new decoration trend. Take a look at these simple instructions and try out a floating Christmas tree yourself!

Making a floating Christmas tree is easier than it seems at first glance. You do not need special hand tools. The materials used are actually found in the arsenal of every seamstress. Take a look at the manual and try it yourself to make such an unusual mobile.

Materials And Tools

– Embroidery frame with clamp (30 cm in diameter)
– Jute cloth
– Compass
– Tailor’s tape or ruler
– Fishing line/nylon thread
– Needle and beads
– Many Christmas balls

Christmas Tree Hanging From Balls Tinkering Instructions


4. Step 1. Determine The Size Of Your Floating Christmas Tree

First, you must determine the size of the Christmas tree and find out the required number of Christmas balls.

Just put the balls on the table in front of you. Start with the highest ball, the top of the tree. Leave about 20 centimeters between this ball and the ring shape. Think about the height at which the other rows should hang. Should the balls be close together? Or you want to leave more air between the rows?

Floating Christmas Tree Make Your Own Instructions

In the picture on the top right, you can see a floating Christmas tree, which is 120 centimeters tall and made up of a total of 49 Christmas balls. Opt for a small to a medium sized tree and shorter distances between rows. It’s worth experimenting and deciding which dimensions would fit best in your room.