The Floral Print Maxi Dress Trend, Shopping In 10 Rooms

This season the floral print maxi dress is honored and breathes fresh air on the wardrobes! With suspenders, long-sleeved or strapless dresses, here are 10 models that will be to the tastes of each

Trendy and very popular in recent times, our favorite celebrities have adopted this summer piece, the image of Beyonce, Phoebe Tonkin, actress lighthouse The Originals or Nina Dobrev.

The semi-transparent parts give an air look, while as the floral print maxi dress that invades the parades but also invites from our favorite brands. Also well suited for a night, the maxi floral dress is also perfect for lounging on the beach in the sun. Moreover, it’s broad aspect fluid and leaves a feeling of lightness and freedom on the skin.

Here is a selection of 10 pieces of dresses which you can adorn yourself this summer, which one can find at H & M, Zara or Bershka.

We first take you from Zara with a blue dress with pastel colors, decorated with pink flowers, all for a sense of fluidity to € 59.95. Zara also offers us a robe, bare shoulders with straps, black and white (€ 69.95). We also have in mind the same bare shoulders, a maxi print dress with yellow poppies (€ 59.95).

Forever21 side, we cracked for white flowers with long gown dress with crossed straps on the back for € 25 but also for the dress made of a light khaki with black details and white flowers for only € 16 that you can embellish with the fine black bomber. You will not fail to be very stylish this season!

For a summer bohemian look with a floral print maxi dress, bet the max H & M dress with pink and blue pastels (€ 29.99) to highlight your shoulders this season. H & M also offers the long dress, close-fitting floral print in red blood to € 19.99 but perhaps you prefer the blue piece chiffon, with braces, for the same price that is more casual.

At Bershka, we proposed a more romantic dress with the association of small red and green flowers € 20.99, perfect for a stroll into town. And finally, the last model of the selection we just straight from ASOS for a black shift dress trimmed with red daisies for € 49.99, room so you can match with black pumps. So what model you adopt for this summer? You can find these maxi dresses on all online sites of the respective brands, such as H & M!

Credit: H & M, Zara, Forever21, ASOS, Bershka


9. H & M Long Dress

H & M, printed long dress with red flowers (€ 19.99)