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You’ve finally decided to take the course: you will embark on a hair color. But what staining address?

Opt for locks?

Get a scan?

Resorting to Color Bug effect for tie & dye trend?

Choose a color permanent or temporary instead?

Cosmo reports on all staining techniques to help you find the hair color that suits you.

Nothing like organic coloring for hair soft and shiny for you, I tested the natural coloring in a hair salon bio. How to use color organic skin care and hair stylists tips: everything you know all about color bio!

Hair Color

Organic coloring: what is it?

Color natural color bio! The organic coloring is a coloring 100% natural plant without hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and resorcinol.

Martine Mahe, the creator of the Salon Vert Martine Mahe, ensures even color bio covers 100% of gray hair without bleaching. One exception to the rule of natural, sweeping the clay for the pretty blonde locks Martine Mahe, which contains a hint of hydrogen peroxide.

The organic label an is it the organic product?

Not necessarily. Martine Mahé brand is not recognized by the current organic labels as the creator of the brand, Martine, advocates for organic labels in Europe. Committed a natural brand is the epitome of chic!

Practice coloring bio?

Ok, the organic product is good for my planet and my hair, but the girl who sleeps in my practice, she thinks what? The smell is pleasant, color plants and smells fresh. The bottle is ready to use, no need to mix the small bottle in the large.

Once opened, the color is stored for 6 months, so I have time to use it. And if I have more than 6 months, what I might use my color bio? Nothing, only the color loses some of its power of dyeing, it does not turn into a harmful product for my hair.

Whew, I am reassured, organic coloring is natural and convenient!

What color makes me more beautiful? This is the question we posed to a color specialist of international repute, Andrea Bennett, Art Director at LA Color BIOSTHETIQUE since 2010. Andrea explains how to find hair color highlights that we, with five basic principles.

Successful color: Talk to your stylist!

That’s it, you’re ready: you want to change hair color.

Undercut stylish short haircuts with hair color and Cool female makeup
Undercut stylish short haircuts with hair color and Cool female makeup

Unfortunately, we can not just try a hair color … Between trends spring summer 2017 for coloring and desires, here are some tips that we book Andrea Bennett, Art Director at LA Color BIOSTHETIQUE since 2010.

Before changing color, it is important to discuss at length with her hairdresser. If necessary, we can come up with a picture to be clearer: not everyone has the same definition of red for example!

Hairdresser’s side, they also meet their basic rules. Andrea Bennett explains that when meeting a person who wishes to change color, it tries to make an image as accurately as possible the impression she wishes clear.

Is she prefers rather discreet and classic or is it someone who does not hate to get noticed?

Does it just change a little or she wants a radical change? And of course, she observes closely the starting color and the quality of her hair, her skin tone, the color of her eyes, her fashion style.

Age also plays an important role and, last but not least, the amount that the person is willing to invest in its appearance.

Want to dye your hair pink spikes in purple or orange without going through the box of hair color? Adopt Color Bug Kevin Murphy!

The tie and dye pink is THE trend in hair coloring.

However, few of us dare to cross the course: first, because a color is expensive not to mention the fact that abyss undeniably the most fragile hair and secondly because we love a good fantasy, it is not easy to display a pink mane every day and in every situation!

The solution? The Color Bug Kevin Murphy!

The barber made in the U.S. has created a kind of roller compact. Applied to the tip of the hair, it provides them with a touch of fantasy time of day or night!

The result? Bluffing and ephemeral … time to see if one assumes Pink long term or whether, instead, it cherishes its Color Bug for temporary coloring.

Color Bug is found at a price of € 18.50 exclusively Bon Marché … If you do not live in Paris, it has been told that you could also create your own Color Bug with colored chalk for A very similar result … you!

Color Bug KEVIN MURPHY available in Orange / Purple / Pink, 5g, € 18.50. Exclusively at the Bon Marché.

Change head cover white hair or give it shine and intensity to natural hair color, there are many reasons to venture into color. But between the permanent coloring, coloring tone on tone coloration temporary henna, the hair or the scan, you do not know what hair color choice.

Brown hair color ideas for brown eyes
Brown hair color ideas for brown eyes

How do I know where to head and what kind of color is for you?

Cosmo delivers a small deco staining never to mix brushes!

The coloring is magical. Sometimes it can radically change head or cover gray hair. And it is sometimes used to give shine and intensity to natural hair color.

Except that, the staining is not an easy task. There are several techniques and it is often difficult to know how to choose hair its color.

Permanent coloring, coloring tone on tone coloration temporary or semi-permanent henna locks or scan; this is a matter as simple as a manual in Korean. To know the different types of stains and know the difference, Cosmo delivers a small disco of color hair.

The permanent color: The permanent coloration may take the name of oxidation dyeing. Generally, it can either cover gray hair or to radically change hair color and transform the natural hair color. From blond to brown, brown to blond, permanent color is mandatory.

How does it work? Permanent dyeing, it is the action of two products: the hydrogen peroxide on the one hand to bleach and ammonia on the other hand to fix the color.

What maintenance and for how long? As its name implies, permanent color is final until re-growth. She asks, therefore, maintenance. Every 4 to 6 weeks, it is a haircut that you maintain your roots. To find a natural color, it will be the complete re-growth of hair.