Hair Coloring Trend Of The Season Fall Winter 2018


The hair coloring time of the season arrives, with the fall hairstyles. Hair coloring ideas for long hair it resumes its coloration in hand. Blond, brown, red … you still hesitate?

No more vacations long walk on the beach and golden hair in the sun. Old habits are taken and especially, SheLookBook makes you top hair colorings.

To help you follow the hair coloring trends fall winter 2018 to the end of the tips, SheLookBook talks about the hair colorings which will carton near as from September. From ultra black very blond through the spicy red and pink Stabilo, hair coloring trends are intended colorful this year…


12. The fall hair coloring trends With blondes colorations winter 2018

Scanning In Two Shades golds

Scanning 2 golds is a staining technique that will reveal the brilliance of blond or light brown. So, your color will be decorated with very bright highlights to blond subtly nuanced in two shades. The blond remains leading the trend this autumn 2018.

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