Hippie Wedding Dresses Spring Summer 2017 + Bridal Gowns

Hippie Wedding DressesI will present several models of hippie wedding dresses for spring summer 2017. All mothers are right. Some appropriate clothing from the ’70s, that era hippie clothing comfortable but very original. It is the same with wedding dresses, which are now inspired by the hippie fashion.

It’s not about the era that influenced the character of individuals but dresses created with love, spirituality, and perfect for a hippie bride, who wants to be comfortable and additionally, dressed in white, without sacrificing what is.

I love hippie fashion. I hope you, because in this article finally, they kept everything back in fashion.

Hippie wedding dresses 2017

These dresses are usually a mixture of vintage wedding dresses and wedding dresses simple, just that they have more lace and cut skirts and drop off lighter because they are built to give freedom of movement. Usually, they leave bare shoulders and necklines that, most often, are accessorized with a wreath of flowers on her head as a symbol of union with nature.


9. Hippie Wedding Dresses With Halter Collar

In the picture below you can see a dress from a thin fabric with loose cut allows freedom of movement. It’s a wedding dress comfortable, wide, loose body, which adapts the forms that a woman has. It has a collared halter that catches the neck with a necklace as crocheting. Model is a striking but simple at the same time.