How To Wear Culottes Pants: As Summer Wear Them?

How to make culottes pants, High waist pants, long legs and ample to calves, the bird appeared about two years ago, today, is essential garment a modern wardrobe. If you have not the pants because you do not know how to wear, I will inform you in this article about how to wear these pants summer.

Culottes Pants In The PastThe decade of the 50s, a beautiful young actress Grace Kelly to be called, mark the trend with a hitherto unknown garment, pants culottes. The style was composed of a white shirt and a small scarf around her neck. Ava Gardner in 1948 wearing her black oxford shoes and a white blouse with collar V without knowing that few decade, her style will turn into a trend on the catwalk.


Culottes PantsCulottes pants were quickly transformed into a symbol of fashion and attire of young people at that age, but not before being supuţi Elsa Schiaparelli thousands of interpretations, stylist, and fashion visionary. The fashion designer was photographed on the streets of London with a slim jacket, the belt was highlighted by a thin belt, while the discordant point was given a silk scarf with geometric prints (color opposites).



4. Culottes Pants Colors In An Outfit At A Basic Level

The easiest way of wearing these pants is repeating colors in a chronological manner. If we want to create an outfit with opposite colors, we can choose different colors, but in the same range, for example, turquoise, blue and brown ciel in a cool tint, hue nude, beige and pink warmly.

Among the main rules is always emphasizing the waist. Men blouses and wide are good, but only if we are tall and very slim. We can wear a jacket or a sweater short. We can use lace tops and discover our shoulders.