Interior Decorating Ideas For Creative Self-Realization

Interior decorating ideas for creative self-realization
Interior decorating ideas for creative self-realization

You can bring a lot of charm and style to your home decor by adding some elements that you made yourself. It is also cheaper and more personal than decoration purchased in a store.

Interior Decorating Ideas

A simple decorative wall or placed on a table object is sometimes the basis of the interior of an entire room. Here are two creative projects that you can easily achieve by following the instructions below. Give your home a personal touch!

Project 1: Original Mirror Bathroom

This beautiful mirror will bring charm to your decor. Pick up a mirror of about 16 x 16 cm and a wood panel 34 x 34 cm. In a craft store, you will find small pebbles sold half a kilo bag. If you have already collected pebbles during your holiday, you can use them.

First, set your mirror to the carpenter’s glue in the center of the wood panel. Let it dry and protect it in the edges with masking tape. Then start putting on wood shingle using glue mosaic to cover the entire panel. Allow a little space between the pieces.

Original Mirror Bathroom

Pick up a tube of paste grouting (in hardware). With this product, fill the spaces between the rollers then move the tip of your fingers on each contour. Let dry for about ten minutes and then, using a damp sponge, wipe the excess product that has spread on the rollers. Before adding this item to your decor, do not forget to attach a device to hang on the wall.

Project 2: Change the Appearance of a Lampshade


A plain lampshade that looks bland and outdated will become the center of interest of your interior if you put a little of your creativity. In craft shops, you’ll find stencils, stamps to be printed with color inks for fabric or patterns to press to give your lamp a whole new life. If you choose a pattern, you can choose to apply it randomly over the entire surface of the shade or only a part.

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