iPhone 6 Will Have The Same Electronic Pen Galaxy Note

A latest rumor says Apple is developing smart stylus pen for iPhone 6. It seems this is the way of competition “Apple” rival Galaxy Note II was very successful with pen S Pen.

A lot of information has appeared around the next-generation iPhone. There are also reports that Apple’s next phone model is the iPhone 5S – small upgrade from the iPhone 5 but many people believe that this year “Apple” will showcase all-new version of the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Will Have The Same Electronic Pen Galaxy Note

Latest rumors appeared on the Sun (UK) or the iPhone 6 will be equipped with electronic pen called the Smart Pen, similar to pen S Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

This information is also reasonable that Apple recently registered three patents related to the stylus. The master believes that the new iPhone will be integrated with the electronic pen, the same technology startup password to identify actions and execute commands scan the barcode at the supermarket or restaurant…

Apple time to apply for a patent on the stylus many people who believe this technology will be used in next-generation iPhone. According to rumors, the iPhone 6 have been produced and will debut this summer.

It seems as if the real iPhone 6 will have a stylus, we will wait to see how Samsung’s response.

Apple and Samsung are caught in a persistent war on copyright issues when Apple accused Samsung copied from the design to the iPhone and iPad technology for inclusion in the company’s products. However, also known as a pen stylus S Pen is an exclusive feature on the phone line’s famous Galaxy Note Samsung. South Korean mobile carriers has suddenly put the stylus technology is considered obsolete capital became popular.

Samsung also will put pen S Pen in the fourth generation Galaxy S phone will be released in the coming weeks. However, this rumor is unfounded by segment Galaxy S IV of the different telephone lines tablet hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note.