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The Lipsticks Trend for Winter 2014

The Lipsticks Trend for Winter 2014

The Lipsticks Trend for Winter 2014

Deep red, purple, chocolate, what is the lipsticks trend for winter 2014?

Let’s talk trends for winter 2014 and talk about the lipstick trend, those who throughout the winter season. Also this year the fashion goes out to meet all tastes and all styles. You are passionate and seductive women? Then the deep red is your color, a red that seems to never go out of fashion and that also gives a touch of color and vibrancy to your look!

But as we said, the winter 2014 provides colors that will meet all your needs, not just lipstick bright and shiny but also those more opaque, Ample space for example to color a bit ‘ darker, such as purple which seems to be really enjoying a great success. The chocolate may be, along with the burgundy, another winter color, a color certainly not for all, a color dedicated to the most daring, the girls who want to give an original touch to your look!

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That said, among the new brands of beauty can not miss in view of 2014 we find the line “Lipstick Revolution” of Urban Decay with 22 colors that will meet the needs of each of us. Another winter must be no doubt Golden Winter lipstick collection, Diorific license plate Dior lipstick by intense colors and metallic reflections for lips velvety and sensual.

Finally, we also recommend the lipstick line Coco Chanel, among which undoubtedly “Rouge Coco” a bright lipstick, natural, simple, available in many different colors, suitable for the most sophisticated women!

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