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L’Oreal Hair Color Trends 2013

L’Oreal Professional (LP) a professional hair beauty brand that focuses on the specific products to be used by hair stylist (hairdresser) launched the Autumn / Winter 2012-2013 Collection Color “Retro Nouveau”.

L'Oreal Hair Color Trends 2013

This latest product inspired era of elegance and beauty in 50-60s, Retro Nouveau brings cinematic aura retro feel with a modern touch.

Retro Nouveau also revive the charm of fashion icon and international cinema, namely Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy.

“LP is committed to developing the world of hairdressing and empower the hairdresser through a series of education, innovation, and inspiration latest hairstyle trends,” said Michel Toth, General Manager of L’Oreal Professional in Jakarta.

Three colors and styling creations Retro Nouveau style called “Siren Copper”, “Ingenue Blond” and “Vixen Violet”.

1. “Siren Copper”, inspired from the French international icon, Briggite Bardot, the famous de coiffed chignon styles it. Alloy copper color and aura of sensuality animate creation as part of the Nouveau Retro collection.

2. Masculine feminine style Twiggy inspired creations “Ingenue Blond” Retro Nouveau. With blond hair and boyish pieces these creations give the impression of a strong English style uniqueness.

3. “Vixen Violet” reviving retro glamor and elegance perfectly manifested by Elizabeth Taylor. Violet hair volume with a variation of the wave further strengthens the nuances of American classical era emitted international movie star.

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