L’Oréal Tie-and-Dye & Brown Shaded HairStyles

L'Oréal Tie-and-Dye & Brown Shaded HairStyles
L’Oréal Tie-and-Dye & Brown Shaded HairStyles

The shaded hair, sometimes called “sweeping tie-and-dye” this is a time to talk about it. For my part, I made one in my hairdresser last summer. I was not very satisfied with the result leaving the show for me the beginning of shaded hair too high. When my hair has grown a few cm or the result I liked better. Then I continued to let my hair grow, cut the ends so the shaded hair has diminished but is still there.

Other bloggers have found themselves in the same situation as me (a shaded hair a little missed) or feared that it happens and several tutorials of “shaded hair” house flourished on the blogosphere.

L'Oréal Tie-and-Dye & Brown Shaded HairStyles

For those who waited and / or hesitate, here is another rather interesting. L’Oréal has understood that there was a demand for that side and therefore launches “Preference Wild shadows” specific colors to make a shaded hair.

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The principle is clear only the lengths and ends. To do this, each kit contains a color lightening cream and a special brush to apply it. It is recommended to start the shaded hair between the chin and ears and moving on once the brush from top to bottom on each strand. Then leave for the cream to the desired result and rinse.

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These kits are available in three colors: brown to dark brown hair, dark brown to blond hair blond to dark blonde hair. The target price is € 10.99 and should be in stores from September.

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Are You Tempted?

From my side I hesitate because my hair was still shaded box damaged my hair. I do not know if the composition of these products is more gentle on the hair product used by my hairdresser who was without ammonia (depending on the brand it is a “complex care to nutrition and hi shine” which do not really talk to me actually) because I did not want to damaging my lengths. They already damaged hard normally. Fortunately, many hair oils that are currently out on the market allowed me to completely make up for it although I had to leave 2-3 inches haircut anyway. I hope my hair will be in the same condition when I get holiday elsewhere.

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In addition, as I wore a quite marked from August to about May-June this year, I’m tired …