Lose Weight Easily And Without Restrictions!

Lose Weight Easily And Without Restrictions!
Lose Weight Easily And Without Restrictions!

Diets often mean deprivation and frustration going against common with traditional weight-loss, a Quebec researcher hypothesized that would rather deprive him against-productive.

Would be better to address its power in a positive way “Our bet is that weight loss is not necessarily associated with the restriction & Reduce food intake often develops an obsession for food and forbidden foods, “notes Simone Lemieux, professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Laval University.

To demonstrate this, the research team recruited 68 obese postmenopausal women. Divided into two groups, participants followed a typical diet, avoiding fatty foods and calories while others were encouraged to increase their servings of fruits and vegetables. After six months, participants in the second group – those who consumed more fruits and vegetables – had lost weight (though less than the first group) and had not the feeling of being deprived continuously.

Even when they do not have to lose weight, women tend to deprive, says the researcher. Such a “regime” could have an impact on their quality of life.

No restrictions!

To lose weight, according to researcher should upgrade rather healthy eating and learn to exonerate small excess. We should not put labels or even play emotionally with food. Avoid ‘eat your carrots to please mom!

Rather than relying on the Plan, the researcher believes that the way to respond is equally important, eliminating the restrictive language (good / bad) example. It should also focus on good health – physical, psychological, sleep quality, etc… Rather than pounds lighter.

The research team will develop alternatives to traditional diet focusing on calorie reduction. These strategies would leave more room for the pleasure of eating. We need to stop counting calories but to focus on the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc…) And nutrient density that each bite brings, says the researcher.

Otherwise Eat

Nutritionists are now seeking to redefine foods based on their nutrient rather than just their calories. Thus we find the method SAIN, LIM researchers at INSERM / INRA based on two indicators of beneficial and adverse effects to classify foods. Food also replaces the traditional labeling with emphasis on the nutritional benefits. Other approaches also pave the road to eat, such as the Intuitive Eating – intuitive eating.