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Make up is imported of women’s when the face makeup is important to consider a number of steps to take if you want to reach optimal results. This makeup season will be the perfect addition to enhance your image, which is why this time, we are going to provide some very important tips. A recommendation to keep in mind is that we must look at certain factors such as face shape, skin color, eyes, hair type and the type of hair you have. The first thing you should consider is the foundation that will be used, consider this detail because it depends on the length of your makeup, base color should fit the color of your skin, if to have the skin a slight excess fat must use oil free bases. Wrap the base chosen with a sponge which is suitable for makeup, places the product on it to apply it on the face. Remember that the base has to be according to the color of your skin and fat free, so your skin will thank you. There in the compact foundation for different skin types market, which will help a lot? The rounded faces are characterized by wide forehead, cheeks and bulky. When viewed from the front you can tell its circular shape. One advantage of this face is that it will always provide a youthful look. One of the trick used to make up the oval or round face is to give light to certain areas of the face so that they stand out. Learn makeup is very important because it will give life, freshness to your skin in addition to correct some imperfections. Apply the foundation evenly all over your face, neck and decollete. Here you have these beautiful makeup ideas which you can base to choose the right makeup for your face type. Enjoy them.