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Makeup Trend For Lovely Ladies Over 70s

Makeup Trend For Lovely Ladies Over 70s

Makeup Trend For Lovely Ladies Over 70s

If you love the classic movie, you probably will also enthralled the glamorous Hollywood stars of the last century with a style makeover crisp but still delicate, exquisite erotic way.

Along discover makeup this great classic offline! When you want a natural look and subtle makeup in classic style of the 70s will satisfy you her face decorated in classic style will give people the feeling of lightness, elegant but still crisp and respect the beauty of the face angles to help you be more personal style of modern makeup. Along Xinh Xinh discover the most beautiful retro makeup:

Light Lip Gloss

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70s natural makeup began in vogue bright lips with bright red lipstick, red hot shades with a little lip gloss will attract much more attention for the pet lovely lips moreover, lips gently will help you draw attention to the eyes.

Shimmer Eye Shadow

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You can use a light blue eye shadow or light colored pearls if your skin is white the choice of brown dark green skin tones darker. Eyeliner is a very hot trend in the 70s, let’s sharpen eyeliner with a liquid eyeliner for the water line is sharp and subtle can be used to add eyelashes and mascara but do not elaborate too thick let the natural eyes.

Skin Bright

Just as you have light skin so much nicer do not need to use blush because it can cause makeup to become obvious you can use a thin layer of the skin near the best BB cream CC cream or cream with good coverage and natural things experts recommend.

Highlight Cheekbones

Makeup Trend For Lovely Ladies Over 70s

Makeup Trend For Lovely Ladies Over 70s

To create impressive style and stand out use a little less powder lightly highlight the cheekbones and slanted way along the bridge of the nose to hit the block faces, angular faces and help more personality.

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