Top 10 Makeup Trends For Autumn Winter 2017, Which Should Not Be Missed

The makeup trends for autumn winter 2017 reflect, on the one hand, a nostalgic retro look, which is characterized by curved eyeliner strokes, blue eye shadows, and sweeping underwear. On the other hand, new makeup techniques like “Upside Down” and Two-Tone lips make real statements.

In remains the restrained nude tones, which can be combined with the new trends excellently.


10. Makeup Trends 2017: Dark lips

The lipstick trends for autumn and winter 2017 2018 are based on a wide range from rosé to black and red. Nuances, which are reminiscent of fruity berries, red wine, and chocolate, give the look vamp flair. Dark peach tones look great with a light complexion, while to olive skin a brown lipstick fits. You should make the eyes rather discreet makeup.