25 Makeup Trends To Adopt In The Spring-Summer 2018


Oye oyé: makeup trends spring summer 2018 are already identified. The makeup trends program for the summer season? XXL eyebrows, full blue eyes, red on the lips, a makeup look manga fashion and neo liner.

Summer is the season of light makeup trends.

And we at Cosmo, we are already created on makeup trends for spring summer 2018.

How will we make up we?

We have the answer.

The Mouth Makeup Spring Summer 2018: 

Upon the arrival of summer, the mouth will be red.

  • orange.
  • plum.

Even burgundy. Whatever, as long as the lips asserted, assumed while sensuality. And if you’re torn between a matte lipstick and bright lipstick, the good news is that in the spring, no need to choose.

2 will bang on trend.

Eyes Makeup spring summer 2018: 

  • Blue Eyes Full

In the spring, let alone summer, the sky is blue.
The result makeup trends this season are a showcase for the blue on our eyes.
In smoky in the liner and solid color on the eyelid: blue invades our eyes.

  • The soft pastel

Notice to dare makeup fans.

The trend of spring was also put forward more gentle pastel shades on our peepers with smoky declined in the green version of water or even fuchsia pink!
Difficult to take, certainly, but really impacting.

  • Neo Liner

Forgotten the classic feature of eyeliner along the lash for spring summer 2017, the liner is modern, trendy, avant-garde, and contemporary.

So, it dares all eccentricities graphics: on the lower eyelid, on the eyelid, XXL short release as the heart desires!

  • The Cilia Do Their Show

Babydoll version, oversized, spidery, Twiggy or manga: the ultra worked eyelashes hang the look.

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