Modern Hairstyles For Women Over 50 – Ideas For Every Hair Length

There is a variety of hairstyles for women over 50 who look very chic and also make young.

Before you spontaneously cut a Pixie Cut, you should analyze which hairstyle best suits your type. The right haircut depends on the hair structure, and the abundance of the hair, but also on the face shape. We have compiled some prominent examples for you to help you with this task.


9. Hairstyles for women from 50 – Long hair, why not?

Although it is common for women to wear their hair shorter after a certain age, a short haircut is not a must. Women over 50 or older still look fantastic with long hair as long as the hair is healthy and well-groomed. Hair length is a question of type.

A long haircut is perfect for thick hair. Over the years, however, the body’s keratin production decreases and the hair becomes finer and thinner. For this reason, you should strengthen your hair with keratin-containing products.

Ladies over 50 also wear smooth, long hair in the sleek look. Often, this cut is cut very straight – without steps. However, it is recommended to create gentle steps around the face. In the case of step hair cuts, the shorter the hair, the smaller the difference between the steps should be. For long hair, the stage at the height of the clavicle must end. In order to give the hair an optical depth and make the look a bit softer, warm colors or blond highlights are used. With the help of a large round brush, you can conjure loose waves on the tips of your hair.