Moss Ball Decorate For Christmas – Ideas For Festive And Naturally Beautiful Decoration With Moss

Who appreciates the treasures of nature and in the winter tinkering with natural materials, has certainly spent long craft afternoons with the great craft material moss. Moos is a true all-rounder and are suitable for various handicrafts in every season. Even if you do not find fresh moss outside, you can buy the deco material for little money. With Christmas just around the corner, this article will show you some great ideas on how to decorate a moss ball for Christmas and decorate your home with a natural material.

Rope Natural Materials Pine Cones Fir Green Candlestick

If you want to decorate a moss ball for Christmas, you have the opportunity to buy moss balls in any size or to make them in no time. If you have already decided on the second variant, you will need moss for this construction project, balls in different sizes, wire and glue. The balls can either be made of styrofoam or you can wrap newspaper together until you reach the desired diameter.

Decorate Moss Ball Winter Colors Berries Wrap

Then you can apply some glue on the ball and cover it piece by piece with moss. So that the individual pieces hold together well, you can wrap the ball criss-cross with craft wire or thread. Finally, knot the thread or the wire. With a pair of scissors, you can remove any protruding moss. Now you can decorate the homemade moss ball for Christmas and decorate your home to match the occasion.

Pinecone Ornament Moss Ball Christmas Decoration

You can decorate a moss ball for Christmas with everything that evokes associations with the beautiful family celebration and, of course, not at the last place you like it and fits in with your interior design. The evergreen mistletoe branches, for example, are pretty to look at and a popular adornment during Advent and Christmas.

Christmas Decorate Tree Balls

For this craft project, you can use both natural and artificial berry branches and wrap them with craft wire or fasten. If you decorate the moss ball with mistletoe or berry branches for Christmas, you can create a beautiful and natural-looking decoration in the typical wintery colors in no time.

Wire Plants Beads Moss Ball Table Decorations Christmas Tinker

If you make the table decoration for Christmas, you can easily implement the beautiful idea from the picture above and make a unique table runner of several moss balls. If you want more glitter, shine, and elegance on festive occasions, you can attach small beads, brooches or stones. Place the decorated balls on satin or organza and distribute Christmas balls between them.

Another pretty idea to decorate the Christmas moss ball, which is child’s play to imitate, would be to make one or more cute bows out of newspaper or wrapping paper and attach it to the ball. A good figure on the moss ball also makes a decorative star of cardboard. If you attach importance to a purely natural winter decoration, you can also use tree bark as a material for your decorative elements.

Christmas Tree Ornaments Bow Moss Balls Ornate

If you would like to make the Christmas tree ornaments yourself this year, then maybe you can turn the moss balls into great tree ornaments. To hang, you can pull wire through the ball and attach a loop to it. As for the decoration, let your imagination run wild. The cones of the glans, for example, can be easily attached with glue and give the ball a great look. Who wants to put a colored accent and the Christmas tree decor harmoniously with the rest of the decoration would like to create a great eye-catcher even with a simple colored bow.

Tealight Holder Moss Ball Wreath Natural Materials Cinnamon Stars Acorns

You can also decorate the moss ball around with a homemade wreath of materials that nature has to offer. Small cones, acorns, and chestnuts fit perfectly with the natural look of the globe. For a pleasant, beautiful Christmas fragrance Sterneanis provides. If you want, you can also break cinnamon sticks into small pieces and stick them together as well. Incidentally, you can turn a styrofoam ball into a unique tealight holder before you coat it with moss.

Pearl Necklace Moss Ball Make Festive Decoration Itself

Cut apart off the polystyrene ball so that it can stand stably and make a small trough for the tealight on the upper side. A beautiful idea that is done in a few simple steps. It is best to use LED tea light that is safer than and just as beautiful as the normal one. A subtle pearl necklace is also a pretty decoration for the wintery moss ball, regardless of whether you use the ball only decoratively or transform it into a tealight holder.

Glass Bell Christmas Decorate Mossballs Light Chains Floral Table Decoration

If you want to present your self-made Christmas decoration elegant and festive, you can put the moss balls under simple glass and bring out the natural beauty in a great way. A glass bell, kitchen bell or a bonbonniere made of glass are the perfect shoemakers for the unique moss jewels. Who wants to make the table decoration for Christmas, can create a great centerpiece of a glass bell with smaller moss balls in it and delicate flowers around. LED fairy lights under the glass hood provide a great play of light.

Decoration Elements Mossballs Colored Hearts Ivy

An evergreen climber is another great idea if you want to decorate the Christmas ball for Christmas. The ivy leaves with their beautiful shape are the perfect decoration for the balls. Also, the ivy branches are very flexible and can be brought in arbitrary forms. For a colorful touch, you can attach small deco or hearts and why not give the finishing touch to freshly made moss ball with fresh flowers.

Beads Mini Mossballs Sticks Adventskranz Alternative

From several small Moooskugeln, you can tie an interesting Advent wreath in the natural look. If you would like to replace the classic of pine branches with a beautiful reinterpretation, you will certainly succeed with such a wreath as in the picture above. For this purpose, two wreaths from the mini-moss balls and make the appropriate candle holder to do so.

Pinecone Advent Wreath Alternative Candles Moss Ball Holder

Another and equally beautiful version of the beautiful Christmas wreath of moss balls can be seen in the picture above. Get four cups, glasses or small flowerpots with a beautiful design and put in the moss balls. In this case, the moss balls themselves serve as candlesticks and provide a fresh kick. Some glass marbles look noble and chic on the moss.

Christmas decorations make themselves outside stone beads lanterns fir green

Do you want to make Christmas decorations yourself for outside, the moss balls are perfect for it. With them, you can decorate the stairs or the house entrance for Christmas and make for a great eye-catcher. On the other hand, you can place a large moss ball in an empty plant pot and decorate it in the garden or on the porch. A beautiful wintery note can give you the moss balls with some white stars. These can be cut out with a cookie cutter made of modeling clay, let it dry and then attach with the glue gun.