Nail Art History Of Nail Decoration Trend

Nail Art History Of Nail Decoration
Nail Art History Of Nail Decoration

One obsession mode, our nails have become a reflex beauty nail art but also very fashion. The phenomenon of nail art is not foreign. To understand this, we return to the history of nail decoration.

The root of the nail art is quite complicated when you consider that this phenomenon has reached us in one fell swoop. A trend that has become so essential that the techniques are constantly multiplying always going further in the formal and artistic research. Indeed, the word “art” is indeed used in the appellation “nail art” as it is creative nail. Looking at the work of Lili Nguyen Venice / Pimp My Nails Christmas Market, we understand why the nail art is so addictive. After some research on this fascinating trend we realize that some cultures have adopted the nail art long before it is a phenomenon of beauty. Inca people put on their nails drawings to show their faith in the gods. These took the form of animals for example. Note also that this practice was mixed as we see today only women engage in the practice of nail art. One wonders then what is the contemporary history of nail art?

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It is clear that the development of nail art in contemporary societies is rather vague because its explosion was made via internet. All we know is that Asia and the United States are the pioneers in this field and that Europe is catching up being more innovative. Although the techniques are numerous it is important to remember that the nail art is above all a story of inventiveness. Nail Art History Of Nail Decoration -4

The range of tools to create a nail art design is huge when you include stickers or nail patch rhinestones stickers glitter nail that stick to just dry the Scotch to create shapes or stencils. Many accessories make us turn the head daily but allow to change the nail art as a point of view that amateur expert, It must be said that the emergence of new manicures texture like caviar the pen, the 3D effect or the velvet made by renowned cosmetic brands the nailsitas names used to describe the technical keen on nail art are spoiled for choice experiment and be inventive.

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Nail art happened so quickly that the marks had to upgrade creating varnish can become a basis for creating although they are already very creative. One thinks especially of semi permanent polish, which allows a better fit of the drawings the thermo chromic that change color according to the temperature at which the coating is exposed to so great effects on your nail art creations or the cracked ideal if very contrasting colors are chosen.

Nail Art History Of Nail Decoration

However, the nail art would not have become a real movement if the techniques of its own had not been invented. One thinks in particular Water Marble of creating shapes and lines on a nail being dried by soaking in water. The components of the lacquer and water are immiscible. There is also the creation of the one stroke which comprises gradient forms using a special brush the latter creating by scanning.

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There is also the stamping which is to stamp with her fingernail to display a form stencil system. If instead you prefer to play on volumes as mode we recommend collages rather than a succession of layers too heavy for the nail. On the other hand, in the same way that one finds many nail patch, nail tattoos Corpus Insider example appear even more emphasis on the artistic dimension of nail art.

The ongulaires artists have also quickly made the link with fashion inspired colors, patterns, shapes and other overlays views parade to transpose the nails for a chic and shock result. As you can see with the creation nail more commonly called nail art there are no rules. Your imagination is the only guide and the advantage is that nothing is final.

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