Painting Easter Eggs: Over 101 Ideas And Tips For Easter

Painting and decorating Easter eggs made easy

And although the Easter eggs are traditionally red, the symbol of the Easter egg – Resurrection, New Beginning – is preserved. Other pastel colors are also currently in full swing. Green, yellow, orange, purple – everything is possible. Rose Quartz & Serenity – yes, these were definitely the trend colors in the design for 2017.

You can also successfully use this in your spring decoration 2017. And if you want to make the Easter eggs a bit more unconventional this season, this issue can also be successfully managed with the new trend colors.

This is one of our tastes. Of course, you can not just paint or color your Easter eggs, but also design them with the help of numerous techniques such as batik,


55. Painting Easter eggs – what are the trends 2017?

Romanticism and nostalgia for Easter

Timeless and very popular are easter eggs in vintage or shabby chic style. These can be decorated very pleasantly and effectively – for example by the napkin technique also called Decoupage. You can select any spring motifs or those that are typical of this style – birds, roses, keys, cages, etc.