Pantone Unveils Two Colors Dresses For 2018 2019: Rose Quartz AND Blue Serenity [PHOTOS]

Pantone unveils two colors dresses for 2018 2019: Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity. these two colors dresses will lose their heads to the pastel tones lovers for the first time ever, the prestigious institution, has long been the undisputed authority in the field of color, did not choose a single nuance but two that seems to dominate the fashion trends of the coming year.

It is ethereal and impalpable colors, subtle and delicate, perfect, according to Pantone, to distance them from the hectic pace of everyday life. A kind of color therapy, therefore, useful to release stress and ease tensions, preferring, in the case of the fashion industry, garments and accessories declined in Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity. Browse the gallery to see all the inspirations that come to us directly from the major catwalks to show off in style colors of the Pantone 2018 2019 seconds.

Pantone Unveils Two Colors Dresses Rose Quartz AND Blue Serenity
Pantone, the undisputed authority in the field of color, has finally revealed what will be the two top color. For the first time, in fact, was not only one of the chosen color “color of the year” but they are the two colors that imperversanno in our wardrobe accomplices the many proposals suggested by leading designers. This is the Rose Quartz and Serenity of Azzurro, two shades ethereal and impalpable, perfect to move away from everyday stress and realize outfit inspiration romantic and dreamy. Browse the gallery to discover the 2018 2019 Pantone colors directly on the catwalks.

Pantone Two Colors Dresses Collection 2018 2019

Finally, it was one of the most awaited verdicts from those who are always attentive to the trends that will be. Pantone has chosen the colors fashion spring summer 2018 2019 selected in recent months, after a careful study of the colors most seen on the catwalk, the ones that will be the two must-have color of 2018 2019. It is an absolute novelty because it has always been the only one to be elected “color of the year” by the renowned US institution.

To have got the better was Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity, two very delicate colors and soft, selected mainly for their relaxing power, because of a growing need to detach from the emotional distress that day after day, especially in the last months, we all have to deal with. Well away from the embrace of the warm and penetrating color marsala, chosen by Pantone for 2018 2019, To know them in detail view and discover together what are the most interesting fashion proposals that have been seen on the catwalk.

The Rose Quartz (Rose Quartz), which takes its name from the homonymous mineral, multi-faceted and fascinating, it is a perfect color to wear all day, from the morning, when blended with other delicate shades like peach, wisteria and many other pastel shades, in the evening, though embellished with metallic and bright details.

This particular shade of pink has the ability to easily adapt to all skin tones, bringing out its natural beauty. Ethereal and impalpable, the Rose Quartz was an undisputed star of the latest shows and has been chosen by many brands as the key color of their collections, first of all, Carolina Herrera, who paraded models swathed in magnificent dresses and long dress declined in this irresistible shades of pink, and Ermanno Scervino.

The ‘ Blue Serenity, as the name suggests, is an expression of serenity and inner peace and is so called thinking blue of the sky when it is serene, peaceful and reassuring. This light shade of blue fits perfectly to all the different shades of blue, as seen on the catwalk by Vionnet, it is perfect to match with the same Rose Quartz.

The Designer’s Collections 2018 2019

Among the designers who have chosen Serenity as a color top of its collections also we purchased Tadashi Shoji and Michael Kors, both inspired by an idea of romantic and dreamy femininity with dresses adorned with floral applications and made from light fabrics and impalpable.

Of course, the beauty looks that suits the two colors dresses of the Pantone 2018 2019 seconds is light and sophisticated, extremely natural and bright. The rosy lips, to the naked effect, are a must have to wear with style Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity also in makeup, although there have been intense during the parades in red lips contrasting vermilion tones. Perfect, then, he embodied a healthy glow and a make-up from the finish wet, as if his eyes were wet in a veil of dew.

Browse the gallery to discover the colors of the Pantone 2018 2019 seconds on the catwalk.