After a winter spent buried under our hat, our hair needs to breathe! Our action plan to make its vitality to our scalp.

Spring Make Your Scalp Breathe

1.Restore Balance

Your hair does not have real problems neither film nor fall … Just proven itching or pimples from time to time feelings of tension or drought. As long as you are overworked your hair lacks tone, become difficult to style.
This is probably due to an imbalance of the scalp.

To get everything in order do not hesitate take the problem at the root.

The functions of the scalp are the same as those of the skin in general but its ecosystem is unique.

“Her microflora consisting of yeast and bacteria must be in perfect balance with the hair follicles and sebaceous glands and sweat” says Bruno Bernard scalp specialist at L’Oréal.

Since it is the chemistry between these various elements maintained by sebum which stimulates the natural defenses of the scalp. If this balance is upset irritation may occur if inflammation. Ultimately, there is a risk of more severe problems (hair loss …).

2. Actions For a Healthier Skin


Preferably carried out with an accessory in nature as wild boar brushing removes impurities attached to the hair (dust, pollution).

It also stimulates the scalp by pulling lightly on the roots.


Three minutes is enough to make the scalp more receptive to care.

Ask your fingers on the neck and up towards the top of the skull using small circular movements with the first two knuckles.

Then the top of the head to the neck palms flat superficial skin move forward backwards. Attention, especially avoid rubbing not to attack your scalp!


In case of itching apply a serum with soothing essential oils that will soothe the irritation.
Avoid excessively hot water hair dryer at full power and styling products which sometimes suffocate the scalp.

3.Choose The Right Shampoo

A normal Scalp Is Rare

In general it is rather oily or quite dry.

First Important Step

choose the right shampoo.

“It must respond to the problem of the scalp while a mask or conditioner only deals lengths,” says Catherine Chauvin, Director of the Institute Rene Furterer.

The pH should be close to that of the skin (between 5 and 6) so that the good germs resettling after washing.
And surfactants (molecules washer) soft enough to respect the physiology of hair.
There is no need to apply too much product a hazelnut emulsified water is sufficient.

You can switch shampoo and soft to meet the scalp while treating lengths.

4. Scalp: make preventive care

Second action adopt the most appropriate care.

Essential oils come to the end of almost all the hassles of the scalp (sebum, irritation, occasional drop, film …).
They also have a preventive action. These cocktails with rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus, lavender, orange … cleanse the scalp.

They stimulate the microcirculation by promoting irrigation hair follicles.
And they enhance the action of the products that are then used.
Sera relipidants them nourish and moisturize dry scalps.

And they provide additional comfort to the skin of the skull.
After a winter spent buried under our hat our hair needs to breathe!
Our action plan to make its vitality to our scalp.

5. Scalp exfoliate regularly

Scrub the scalp can clean and well purified. To do especially if you use a lot of styling products if you live in an atmosphere polluted or smoky or if you have oily dandruff (which can loosen).

Once a week on oily scalp massaging gently to avoid stimulating the sebaceous glands.
Finally, sera containing probiotic use in treatment or prevention.
They help maintain a balanced microflora thus fulfilling hair.