5 Stylish Hairstyles to Make a Rainy Day

How do her hair in the rain? A question we ask ourselves all but which it is difficult to meet while remaining stylish. We help you get there

Blow to our hair: the rain decided to invite our hair and ruining shots. Farewell silky brushing, hello lengths soaked and sticky scalp. It could be sexy, if only the worship scene is replayed Never forget or we called Selena Gomez. Bad luck, on file at work and we intend to arrive with a minimum of decency in front of our colleagues.

Fortunately, there are a few nice hairstyles to make to minimize the damage from rain and stay stylish at all times. Above all, we reflect on the clothes and accessories that were available to protect ourselves: do I have an umbrella? Will I put a hood? Is my hat my only savior?

All these questions will determine which of these stylish hairstyles 5 is more appropriate in this rainy day …

A Braid

Not only the braid will keep our lengths dry in case of rain, but it allows variations in 1001. In 2017, we like it adhered to the skull, one or two to offset any ripple, or still slightly messy knotted cob.

Hair & other hair, Braid, ideal hairstyle when it rains
Hair & other hair, Braid, ideal hairstyle when it rains

A Ponytail

If the low ponytail still remains a classic trend this Fall-Winter 2016/2017, we like to enjoy the bad weather for a little twister. Featuring a mat or matted strands, it becomes more sophisticated but still convenient to stay presentable when rain assails us.

A stylish ponytail
A stylish ponytail

A Bun

Since the important idea when it rains, it is to keep our hair safe from drops and moisture, a well set hair is a must. Top knot as Bella Hadid wet, loose bun or badge on the head … your lengths have nothing to fear!

A disheveled bun always stylish even in rainy weather
A disheveled bun always stylish even in rainy weather

A Hairstyle Gominée

You expected wash your hair but the view of the cold and heavy rain has discouraged you? So grab your paint tube or styling gel and comb your roots backward , clearing your face. Wait until the strands dry and possibly add some clips bun to keep everything in place, and that you decked hairstyle trend of the parade Miu Miu. A blow ahead of the rain!

Slicked hair back to overtake the rain
Slicked hair back to overtake the rain

A Hat

It’s raining torrents and you have a hat to protect you? Since it will be difficult to tie your hair without looking jug (put a cap over a ponytail, you’ll see), bet on slightly wrinkled lengths , returned to your sweater. Since the rain is going to the bazaar in all this, so take the lead with a wild hairstyle that will keep pace drying.

A nice fedora to protect against drops
A nice fedora to protect against drops

Perhaps our 5 stylish hairstyles ideas found on Pinterest you they will help to keep smiling when you see the pouring rain by opening your shutters in the morning. You are not bound to reach the taff with a wet dog head; )

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70s Hairstyles Inspiration For Fall-Winter In 2017 Old Style

70s hairstyles autumn-winter 2017 will feature the 70s haircuts and the sober colors of that beautiful and innovative period. The old style sooner or later comes back, and for the cold season, we will have the return of the beautiful voluminous hair and geometric.

The long cuts have the sinuous lines with waves that make the cut moved. The strands become moves with a perfect center line and well in order. The long fringe certainly not remain aside, very feminine and mischievous. The fringe also from sensuality to her faces… Just remember to always choose the one that suits your face shape.

70s Hairstyles

70s Hairstyles For Short Haircuts Fall Winter 2017

The short haircuts acquire volume thanks to salted meats that make it a very chic look. It is an ideal cut for those who have very thin hair. In this way, the hair will retain more easily the volume also for short hair no shortage of geometric cuts. Create a youthful and trendy. They can be dressed with soft waves on top, but the tips are dismissive.

Afro 70s hairstyles with headband 2017 winter trend

The return of the hairband worn as a kind of turban

In full 70s style back the band. This is not the end commissioning nineties style but applied as a turban. The headband is perfect to protect them from the cold but did not fully cover the hair. By doing so you will have ears warm but the hair remains the same move.

In all cases it is always the same keyword or volume, which is soft waves or curls tight, does not change. The lucky with curly hair can finally stop iron them and bring them unkemptly as the beautiful African women. Not tannic years ago it was Rihanna to wow audiences with a rich and rebellious red hair.

For the coming autumn and winter 2017, voluminous hair and geometric cuts 70s style, characterize the foliage of many, fascinated by the past period. Hair left natural or hairstyles afro style embellished with accessories that come back to the fore, such as the band, designed to highlight the hairstyle.

Look at The Pictures.

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10 Hairstyles To Adopt Beauty Trend Spring-Summer In 2017 2018

New hairstyles with her new hair trends seen on the runways Fashion Week Spring-Summer In 2017 2018. Overview of 10 hairstyles to adopt to be in Fashion Week.

10 Hairstyles Overview Hair Beauty Spring-Summer

If you are not one to completely redo your wardrobe to adopt the trends of the season, that’s all to your credit. The trend also is in the details if we are to believe the followers of less is more, including the setting beauty lets, have fun and play with the different trends without overdoing.

While we offered you a roundup of 10 makeup trends flagship of the Spring-Summer season, we focus now on hairstyles that you can play on sunny days to show that even in beauty, you understood everything. For several seasons, the natural is honored on Fashion Week runways, translated by wild hairstyles and effortless -what we think, all of the depreciation as beach waves.

10 hairstyles for Spring-Summer In 2017 2018, the Bohemian wavy is still relevant insight on the catwalks of Burberry, Valentino or Emilio Pucci. To play a wavy effect, nothing like a loose braid or texturizing products that wrinkle wicks for a result so bed hopping The tresses, which were part of our 10 hairstyles trends of the season 2017 2018 are also still up to date, available in a variety of possibilities so schoolgirl at DKNY, the braid is uncovered at Michael Kors, neat in Erdem, hidden in Vera Wang, Giorgio Armani for African and even four legs at Donna Karan. 10 hairstyles with many variations, the mat leaves room for imagination, provided you have the hang of it.

As the trends are everything and its opposite, the hair can also be placed on the skull for the Spring-Summer season In 2017 2018. At Alexander McQueen, Altuzarra, Guy Laroche and Salvatore Ferragamo, the hair is fixed without a wick sticking out. 10 hairstyles to complete the perfect smoothness, hair can even be clicked is Dany Brillant will be pleased.

The wet look is also another trend capillary flagship Spring-Summer season preview on mannequin’s mane Maison Martin Margiela, Marni, Proenza Schouler, Thakoon, and Jacquemus. Remain in bold hairstyles trends for the Spring-Summer In 2017 2018 season with the buttons that made a hat-trick at Marc by Marc Jacobs or at 3.1 Philip Lim and Calvin Klein Collection and the legs framing the faces at Prada and Marni in Version went for a boyish result.

Those who like to experiment with their hair will not go off the trend of accessories, whether knotted scarves as Balmain and Missoni or to bohemian accessories like flowers and shells glimpses at Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino or Alexander Wang.

Finally, sobriety will always be a place among the 10 hairstyles trends Spring-Summer In 2017 2018 as the ponytail low was praised by many fashion houses (Gucci, Stella McCartney, Dsquared2, Giambattista Valli, Giles, Prada …) like the parting (Mugler, Isabel Marant, Issey Miyake) and fringe, thick curtain of hair at Saint Laurent and Givenchy or its punk version of Kenzo. What hair trend will adopt you for the Spring-Summer 2017 2018 season?

Bohemian Wavy Hairstyles By Emilio Pucci Model 

Bohemian Long wavy hairstyles were seen on the parade Emilio Pucci Spring-Summer

Bohemian Long wavy hairstyles seen on the parade Emilio Pucci Spring-Summer

Fringe Hairstyles By Kenzo Model 

The punk fringe hairstyles at parade Kenzo Spring-Summer

punk fringe hairstyles

Boho Haircuts By Givenchy Model

The thick fringe Boho haircuts trend parade Givenchy Spring-Summer

thick fringe Boho haircuts with blue eyes

African Haircuts By Isabel Marant

The parting hair trend Isabel Marant Spring-Summer

The parting the hair trend Isabel Marant Spring-Summer

Ponytail Hairstyles By Gucci Model

The ponytail hairstyles without artifice of the Gucci Spring-Summer fashion show

The ponytail hairstyles without artifice of the Gucci Spring-Summer fashion show

Pink Hairstyles Accessories By Dolce & Gabbana Model

The pink hair accessory parade Dolce & Gabbana Spring-Summer

Pink hair accessory with Red Rose Flowers For party hairstyles

Scarf Tied Hairstyles Accessories By Missoni Model

The scarf tied in her hair, a tendency for the Missoni Spring-Summer fashion show

How to tie a hair scarf bun ways to tie a hair scar

Wet Hairstyle By Marni Model

The New Wet hair trend is seen in the parade Marni Spring-Summer

Can you straighten wet hairstyles

Bun hairstyles By Marc Jacobs Model

Macaroons Bun hairstyles parade of Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer

Macaroons Bun hairstyles

Plated hairstyles By Altuzarra Model

The plated hair trend was seen on the Altuzarra Spring-Summer fashion show

Plaited Hairstyles For Long Hair

Wet Hairstyles By Thakoon Model

The wet hair trend For party hairstyles Parade Thakoon Spring-Summer

wet hair trend For party hairstyles

Braids Hairstyles By Vera Wang Model

Braids hid under the hair backstage parade Vera Wang Spring-Summer

Braids hidden under the hair backstage parade Vera Wang Spring-Summer

Fishtail Braid Hairstyles By Michael Kors Model

The disheveled fishtail braid hairstyles parade Michael Kors Spring-Summer

The disheveled fishtail braid hairstyles parade Michael Kors Spring-Summer

Hair accessories For Hair By Valentino Model

The Beautiful Hair accessories For hairstyle Parade Valentino Spring-Summer

The Beautiful Hair accessories For hairsstyle Parade Valentino Spring-Summer 2015

Photos Source By Indigital

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