Top 10 Foods for Weight Loss To Help Slimming Body

Top 10 Foods for Weight LossTop 10 foods for weight loss with tomatoes, grapefruit, and apples are an excellent food for your weight loss regime if they are properly appreciative.

There are top 10 foods for weight loss that actively supports your weight loss process, they bring a lot of minerals, vitamins required for the body but contain very few calories. Therefore, if you know how to apply for food daily diet of her, for sure you will have a perfect physique.

Top 10 Foods for Weight Loss for the Perfect Body

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are considered the latest weight loss methods of Japanese women, succulent fruits rich in fiber and vitamin C, A, very low in calories and help you lose special it was at least 2kg in 1 month.

To ensure effective promotion possible, you should eat a tomato 1 before each meal, or 2 tomatoes before dinner. Although tomatoes even help you lose 2kg in the first month, but the Japanese dietitians recommend eating continuously for 3-6 months to maintain efficiency and avoid gaining weight back after stopping eating tomatoes.

2. Half a Grapefruit For Every Meal

The stars have to know how to control their weight by adding ½ day diet grapefruit or grapefruit juice 1 cup from the 1930s. Grapefruit contains a lot of water, fiber, vitamin C, carbohydrates and helps reduce the amount of insulin in the body (insulin reduces the fat burning process).

If compliance with the diet ½ grapefruit (or grapefruit juice 1 cup) into the meal of the day, ensuring you within 12 weeks by 3.5 kg. Another interesting measure is not! But if you have stomach problems, should consult a physician before applying offline.

3. Apples

You may believe that you should not starve, do not need medication without spending too much money for the salon that can still reduce from 3 – 5kg with apples? You should believe because it has been scientifically proven.

Apples are low thermal plant, when you eat a lot of apples body heat will absorb a lot less than if you eat other foods and weight, making natural body weight of you go down.

The menu lose weight 3 days following the apple, you will only apples and water in your diet 3 meals in addition to not have any other kind of food, just eat until you feel full and Best to eat red apples (washed, peeled to avoid preservatives). After 3 days, your taste buds will be very sensitive, you should aim to eat the foods such as porridge, tofu … to rebalance the digestive system.

4. Kiwi

Kiwi contains a relatively large amount of vitamin C, so it is the top choice of women who want to look good. Kiwi fruits are rich in fiber and fruits contain ample amounts of potassium.

Consequently, it ranks as the fruit is found on the menus of women lose weight. Proteolytic enzyme of kiwi also very strong, so use in combination with kiwi meat dishes are very reasonable. Besides, take a little sour kiwi especially beneficial to the body, easy to digest, beautiful skin. All women can enjoy the four seasons kiwi.

5. Papaya

Not only have the effect of beautiful skin, good for digestion, prevent cancer, papaya giups ladies can lose weight effectively. 100g papaya contains less than 32 calories, if you eat 100g of papaya before a meal, you will eat less cravings and other calorie-rich foods. In addition, papaya contains lots of vitamin B and antioxidants help your waist becomes thinner.

6. Seaweed

We often find seaweed appeared in Japanese cuisine, when eaten with other foods, seaweed provides appetite and enhance the flavor of the dish. Moreover, seaweed is quite effective for weight loss, it constitutes one of plaque in the stomach to help people feel full eating fake. Fiber in seaweed helps the body a lot in preventing the absorption of fat in fast food.

7. Grains

The nutrition experts believe that, 2 cereal bowls every day is the key to your weight loss. Research shows that cereals contain high levels of iron, zinc and folic highly likely to reduce the amount of fat in the body, as evidenced by the study participants who regularly used grain 2 times 1 day decrease is 1.8 kg in 6 weeks.

8. Spinach

More of the same foods that are good for you in hunger, you can eat more spinach, without fear of calories intake. Ingredients high fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you should complement this dish on her menu daily, if you want a slim body and beautiful skin.

9. Eggs

Note that you should only eat one boiled egg every morning mixed with salad, egg contains a lot of protein but are low in calories and fat. Do not eat eggs at night, because of the high protein content also makes you more difficult to digest, especially not to eat fried eggs because the amount of oil that you put into your body is very large.

10. Juices

Do not force your body into a strict diet menus, it makes you into a state of shock due to lack of quality temporary. Let’s start by taking a lot of fresh fruit juice, the juice is a vitamin, minerals and natural sugars help the body to reduce cravings and fight hunger. Besides, fruit juice will release less fat. You should always use fresh fruit juice.

Although the food is very good for health and active support for weight loss, but you should remember one rule is indispensable in maintaining body weight is to combine exercise with transport regular physical activity, not junk food and avoid oily food.