10 Makeup Mistakes That Make Us Older To Make Yourself 10 Makeup Mistakes That Make Us Older To Make Yourself 10 Makeup Mistakes That Make Us Older To Make Yourself

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10 Makeup Mistakes That Make Us Older

10 Makeup Mistakes That Make Us Older

10 Makeup Mistakes That Make Us Older
February 08
19:12 2018

Makeup Mistakes To Avoid, How To Make Yourself Look Tired With Makeup

I practically took control of premature aging. Proper nutrition, deep peeling, constant hydration, good hair dye, as well as a competent skincare and make-up can make any woman over forty – miracles. Oh and forgot to add a smile and a positive outlook on life and there are only small details which are all our efforts to wind down.

Let’s hear about any mistake in the make-up artists warn us, we take it for service and do not let little things such as the improper position of the shadow, we add extra years.

Makeup Mistakes

Makeup Mistakes #1: Too Thick A Layer Of Tonal Framework

Over the years, make-up should be changed and if you are a young rescued a tool, it does not mean that after 35 and it is also for you. Most professional makeup artists advise switching to tone moisturizing agents, moisturizing creams or touch-tone effect.

They fit well on a thin transparent layer and of course, is unacceptable that layer of the foundation was so thick that no skin shone. You are trying to help denser layer mask wrinkles and go all the way around. A thick layer of opaque colors only brings wrinkles, makes a face mask covering cracks and breaks in places where there are wrinkles and looks like it’s certainly not at your age.

Makeup Mistakes #2: Light Color Tones

Foundation which is lighter of your natural color exaggerated wrinkles. Even if you had the youthful light ivory skin, you should know that over the years, the skin becomes a tone or two darker and there’s nothing you can do about it. This stems from the capillaries, open pores, age spots – all our classic age-related changes in the skin of the face.

From this solution – we need a foundation darker tone than in her youth. And if you want to lighten your skin – this should be done not by the color tone, simply select funds with fluorescent particles, they visually make the overall tone is lighter because they reflect light.

Makeup Mistakes #3: Too Thick A Layer Of Concealer (Equalizer) Under The Eyes

With age, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner coated with a thin mesh of wrinkles and it is noticeably more mobile, so does the color of the skin around the eyes (dark and dim). Therefore, in addition, to lighten the skin under the eyes is necessary but it should be done very delicately. Typically, offsets produced in a pen in a form difficult to monitor the thickness of the layer. So better take after drawing pencil concealer brush and blend very well in the area under the eyes. Then wrinkles will not be detected.

Makeup Mistakes #4: Too Much Powder

This is bad at any age but over the years many makeup artists recommend at all to give up powder amazing but true! The powder is only relevant on the nose and on the chin; in other places, it instantly makes skin dry and flaky appearance. After all with the age of hydration is the main task to minimize wrinkles and therefore need the tonal resources with the effect of moisture.

Powder rarely performs this task. Many makeup artists say that after 40 the only case where you need to powder can be a photo shoot (the skin is not a reflection-strong light). In ordinary life we glare completely terrible, they only minimize wrinkles. Do not be afraid of shiny skin, dry skin afraid – say experts.

But if you still can not give up yet on the powder, here’s a tip: Use light mineral crumbly texture not compact and strictly avoid the eye area!

Makeup Mistakes #5: Blush Under Cheekbones

Blush, located on the cheeks, too pay attention to the sagging of the skin in these areas. At the age of 40 after a blush may only be serving the most, the top of the cheekbones, and not close to the center of the face. Apply blusher better movements from the bottom up. Color selection – also it is responsible. If in doubt, it is better to use the classic light pink shade and no heavy brown tones.

Makeup Mistakes #6: “Floated” Lipstick

If this happens to a young girl, it looks very nice But for us, the older women is unacceptable because it immediately adds us a few years. Our unkempt, dry and sagging lips right there we are. Out?

A good lip liner & let this be a quality cream pencil. When lips do not forget all the little shade the lips with the same pencil and lipstick would be better to hold on and the color of the liner will not stand out against the background of lipstick.

Makeup Mistakes #7: Too Bright Colors Of Lipstick

With age, the color of lipstick should be more natural. Try to give up the bright dark and metallic shades.

Over the years, the volumes of the lips disappear and return it – that is our task. Light colors visually look bulkier, so choose something lighter than normally used. Also do not forget that there are products for the lips, as glosses. Often they come with the added effect of volume also good moisturizing formula. Find yourself a viable option.

Makeup Mistakes #8: Too Much Mascara On Lower Lashes

Lower lashes some makeup artists generally recommend that women in their forties do not touch the ink. This only adds to the dark circles under the eyes. At the same time, mascara is a must-have product make-up as faded and limp lashes will be given age. Avoid too heavy fatty formulas, dry lashes that we got with age, just do not stand the load, ink will fly around and as a result of the impact on the area around the eyes to which so much attention these years.

Curling eyelashes forceps or by tightening up mascara – it’s a good trick to increase the size of the eye and large eyes, of course, a sign of youth.

Makeup Mistakes #9: Thick Stroke Of The Lower Eyelid

Here, the same advice as with mascara. It is better to opt out of the stroke of the lower lashes. Concentrate on the upper eyelid. It is better if the line there will not homogeneous, and thickens to the outer corner of the eye because of the eye with age too slack and with the help of the liner should raise it up a bit.

Makeup Mistakes #10: Brilliant Shade On the Outer Corners Of the Eyes

Shimmering and shining a little eye makeup – it’s good for women age as a little glitter can divert attention from the look of wrinkles and give a glow and youthful exuberance. But there is a great danger – just to draw attention to wrinkles, if this shine will be located next to them. So use shiny or pearly or shadows but only on the inner corners of the eyes and a little on the center of the century…

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