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10+ Makeup Trends “Hot” Spring Summer 2020 2021

10+ Makeup Trends “Hot” Spring Summer 2020 2021

10+ Makeup Trends “Hot” Spring Summer 2020 2021
September 11
12:17 2020

What are the makeup trends in 2021?

Make-up is currently having a difficult time: Many enthusiastic users are wondering whether applying makeup can lead to problems, especially in shopping malls and other contact points . Compulsory masks have resulted in lipstick sales falling dramatically worldwide.

We, therefore, ask ourselves what the make-up trends 2020 2021 are when there are currently hardly any reasons to wear make-up at all. Or not? Just as you like! We show the freshest innovations in make-up and make-up accessories.

Floating Eyeliner

Why is this called a floating eyeliner? Because there is a second line above the eyelid, roughly at the same height as the crease. This trend is called “floating eyeliner”. This eye make-up is becoming increasingly popular, especially with American film stars and singers. We think that this trend will be very big in 2020 2021.

Black Eyeliner and the bright black lips all in black

Naked Eyes

This look is ideal for those people struggling to mix their own eyeshadow. You can add an eyeshadow shade that is a shade similar to your skin tone or a bit darker – give the look some depth with intense lashes or a radiant lip.

Makeup Artist Used Urban Decay Cosmetic Tone Naked Skin A The Liquid Makeup, Concealer Naked Skin A Concealer

Mermaid Tears

The crying mermaid is the new make-up trend this year. With this new beauty trend, the eyeshadow is not applied directly to the eyelid, but only around the inner corner of the eye.

The “Mermaid Tears” is a great trick to save yourself expensive eye make-up and still look good and extravagant. The look also works very well with bright colors.

Neon MakeUp

Fortunately, with the 2020 2021 makeup trend, things are getting a fresh, minimalist makeup. Instead of applying a neon shadow over the entire lid, try tapping a neon shadow in the corner of your eye for a quick pop of color.

How To Apply Makeup

Lip Gloss

The make-up trend from old times is actually making a comeback. This is certainly also due to the fact that currently in this dreary time lip gloss is a less plain lipstick than gaudy lipstick. We personally think that’s very cool and we want more make-up trends from earlier to have a renaissance.

Prominent Eyes

Prominent Eyes

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup

Mi edge Under

Mi edge Under

Bright Colors

In the new season, the bright colors are a lot of designers in many cases different applications. It could be pink lotus lips, bright pink or red eyes, and pale blue.

All of them will create outstanding full effect, “goose” to your face.

Bright Colors

Classic Style

Bushy eyebrows, hot lips, and eyed dolls are the things that make up your beauty 60s decade.

Classic Style

Smooth Skin

Skin soft and smooth “No Leaning Trace” never failed one in the realm of beauty for centuries. Carefully foundation, powder coating translucent form will create a perfect face the key seems to stand out for you.

Smooth Skin

Tone Pink

Red would be the most striking makeup trends spring summer 2017 is coming.

Tone Pink Lipstick

Brown Tone

Pink, brown colors are trend makeup professionals use to bring about healthy, active, and for you.

Brown Tone shine makeup tone

Thick Edges

Thick Edges eye makeup

Lucky Lips

Let’s forget the familiar glossy lipstick! Spring Summer 2020 2021 is the season of color son Li (matte) tone pink-purple, dark red, or bright pink. Prominent lips, the matte color will bring natural beauty for you.

Lucky Lips

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