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10 Worst Star Dresses Weeks From Learn Their Fashion Mistakes

Stars continue to amaze us with unexpected choice dresses, and we – disassemble fashion failures and learn from their mistakes.

Grandma’s trousers, dress with “diapers” and the yearning for freedom of breasts – vote for the worst image of the star of this week!

Endi Makdauell

Feminine dress up to date retro does not cause any problems, but that’s where Andy dug up these horrible shoes and indistinct gray shiny tights, still would like to know.

Endi Makdauell Wore Gray Shiny Tights With Horrible Shoes

Bonni Rayt

No doubt, separately all things, who wore Bonnie, has the right to exist and quite meet the current trends. But together they create so tasteless hodgepodge fashion that I want to cry.

Bonni Rayt Wore Bonnie To Create Tasteless Hodgepodge Fashion

Emili Mid

If the bottom of the dress Emily we have no complaints, then a transparent turtleneck style “greetings from the 90” they certainly are. By the way, the hole and “clues” suggest, that it has acquired Mead just a couple of decades ago.

Emili Mid In Transparent Turtleneck Style From The 90

Jessica Simpson

Jess feminine dress itself is quite good, but, unfortunately, a common language with luxurious forms it could not find a singer. Chest Simpson in this attire lives her life and definitely breaks loose.

Jessica Simpson Wore Feminine Dress And Her Breaks Loose

Jennifer Lopez

Strange jumpsuit, though made out of kitchen curtains unpleasant swamp-colored, shiny bra, shining through the bodice, and – the icing on the cake – a disproportionately small in comparison with the headdress. Jen, what happened?

Jennifer Lopez Wore Jumpsuit Head Dress With Swamp Shiny Bra

Kim Kardashian

Kim was in a hurry because once again emphasize its progress in the fight against excess weight, she did not notice like ran outside in my grandmother’s trousers and satin bra.

Kim Kardashian Wore Grandmother's Trousers And Satin Bra After Fight Against Excess Weight

Lena Danem

Variegated sundress, bronze-colored shoes and a huge rough stone around the neck – Lena, as usual, decided not to change their ” fashionable” traditions and put first, that came to hand.

Lena Danem Wore Variegated Sundress, Bronze-Colored Shoes

Rita Ora

If the “cross” foil from chocolate and suit volcanologist, will dress Rita. The experiment, of course, interesting, but the resulting wear outfit the singer is still not worth it.

Rita Ora Wore Silver Cross Dress

Zhanel Mone

“I love you blinded him from the fact, that it was, and then it was, then dressed up” – the only thing, that comes to mind when looking at the outfit Janelle (except a reasonable question, “What is this all about?”).

Zhanel Mone Dressed Up At The Outfit Janelle

Zoi Doych

Zoe’s outfit – the same case, when the idea was excellent, but the embodiment is clearly pumped up. The dress would look very impressive, if not strange the lower part, suspiciously reminiscent polished “diaper”.

Zoi Doych Embodiment Pumped Up Dress

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