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20+ Tips On Skin Care Wisdom of Korean Stars Secret

Korean Skincare: 10 Steps For The Perfect Glow

Korean beauty products are currently extremely hyped in Germany. No wonder, the porcelain skin of Koreans is the beauty ideal of many women- non-porous, even, wrinkle-free and with this beautiful glow. But do not worry, it’s never too late to start skincare – so let’s go!

Eye Makeup Remover

First, you should get rid of mascara and eyeshadow with a good eye makeup remover. Since the skin in the eye area is very thin, make sure that you do not rub, but rather put the soaked cotton pad on the eye and let it work for a short time and then pull it aside. The Korean beauty brand Mizon now has a cleanser that not only removes eye makeup but also nourishes and improves skin elasticity.

Oil-Based Cleaner

To remove the remaining makeup, an oil-based cleaner is used next. A few drops of the oil are massaged into the moistened skin and then rinsed with warm water.

Cleaning Foam

To remove the remaining residue on the skin, a gentle cleansing foam follows. Apply the required amount to the face and gently massage into a foam, then rinse with warm water.


Then an exfoliation is used. I used Mizon’s “Honey Black Sugar Scrub”. It smells awesome and can be distributed very well. Rinse with warm water after massaging.

Korean Beauty


Now a toner is used. This not only nourishes the skin but is also the perfect preparation so that the next care products are well absorbed by the skin.


After cleaning, it is now up to the rich care. Here an “Essence” is used first. This is one of the most important steps in the Korean beauty program, as the concentration has a higher impact – e.g. B. a lifting effect – as other care products. It also prepares the skin perfectly for the subsequent care. Keyword: Layering!

Serum For Korean Skincare

I used the Snail Repair Intensive Serum. With the pipette, just put a few drops on the hand and then dab on the face.

Sheet Mask

Twice a week is definitely enough. Unless the skin is incredibly dry, then you can apply the mask more often. I’m a real fan of Sheet Masks, as there’s an incredibly wide variety – with collagen, vitamin E, propolis, green tea extract, and, and, and …

Eye Cream

Many will certainly consider this step. That’s right, because eye cream is a must, as the fine skin around the eyes needs extra care.

Moisturizer & Night Cream

What is missing now? Sure – one more location! As I said, Koreans swear by layering. Therefore, a moisturizer and a rich face cream must not be missing.

Do not worry; if you read through the 10 steps, you have the feeling that the whole beauty program takes hours. But that is definitely not the case! In the beginning, I also had a little bit of worry about integrating the nursing ritual into the stressful everyday life, but it really is not a problem at all, because the whole thing takes a maximum of 15 minutes.

If you still use a sheet mask, of course, a little bit longer.

But honestly, if you take the time in the morning to make-up, why not with the evening care?

I am curious if you also integrate the new care routine into your everyday life. Let me know!

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