The 20 Most Beautiful Hairstyles Of Kylie Jenner


When we talk about Kylie Jenner’s hairstyles, we immediately think of her ultra-daring colorations and much less her refined hairstyles. And yet, Kim Kardashian’s half-sister often displays hairstyles that she would love to copy.

Discover Kylie Jenner’s 20 most beautiful hairstyles without further ado.

Last, of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner assumes everything, absolutely everything, capillary speaking.

As a result, one notices it much thanks to its haircuts that it changes regularly, but especially with its colorations, all more eccentric than the others.

On the other hand side of hairstyle, it is another story.

She is wiser and assumes less extravagant hairstyles.

Kylie Jenner: the braids is her dada

It’s impossible to miss out on Kylie Jenner’s braids when you look at her look.

Her passion?

The boxer braids.

It is often seen in the evening (but not that) with two braids stuck to the skull.
And it’s so much better because the result is always amazing!

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Kylie Jenner is also a fan of African tresses.

On bleached blond hair or brown, beautiful displays that often ethnic hairstyle that will certainly please.

The chignon bun: at the top of the beauty

Another unmissable hairstyle that regularly feeds the pretty Kylie: the bun.

On the red carpet, very pulled, twisted (or not for that matter), the bun is one of the fetish hairstyles of the star.

On the other hand, for every day, Kylie Jenner does not hesitate to post a messy bun, quickly done well!

Between smooth hair and wavy effect, her heart balance

Kylie Jenner juggles between 2 trends hairstyles:

The stiff hair “wand” clad behind the ears she often wears with a stripe in the middle for a strict and chic effect,

The wavy and wavy hair it usually displays on the side for a trendy and glamorous result.

High or low, the ponytail remains a must-hairstyle for Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has a round face.

So, at the level of the pony-tails that best suit her, we find:

The ponytail low fuzzy, neglected, especially not too pulled to avoid accentuating the roundness of the contour of the face. For a cannon result, a few wicks are allowed to escape from the fastener to soften the lines.

The very high ponytail, at the top of the skull, as high as possible to create an optical effect and lengthen the face.

>> And you, what hairstyle of Kylie Jenner would you like to copy?


20. Kylie Jenner Bun Tower Hairstyles


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