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3 Steps For Perfect Hands Manicure In the Salon

You do not have time to go get perfect hands manicure in the salon?

Do not worry with our advice you will succeed in taking care of your hands to be beautiful the Day to your fingertips.

How to Do A Salon Perfect Manicure at Home


In the winter, the thin skin of your hands is weakened or irritated. It is therefore important to feed in depth with appropriate creams some of them are even water resistant it is very convenient if you do not always have your tube handy.

More specific products apply on cuticles and soften Using a stick then you push the small skin more easily and painlessly with a pair of scissors.

The nails were too need nourishing products to enhance keratin (top surface of the nail) essential for protection against external aggressions. Think about it!


After treatment place the nail they sublimate your nails while protecting them from shocks! But before that the passage of lime is essential. Avoid those cardboard tend to split the surface of the nail. Try to keep the same shape (oval or square) for all fingers are more homogeneous so much prettier!

On nail polish and whatever colors you apply try to avoid touching the cuticles you can avoid the “blocks” unsightly. If you’re in a hurry a simple base can be is brilliant little effect.

Also be aware that more and more dry very quickly. For most patients if you nail two millimeters minimum such thing as a “French manicure“: the principle is to put a first coat of varnish pastel a dash of white on the tip of the nail and finally a brilliant fixer that ensures long lasting this method very refined.

If instead your nails are short do not hesitate to use a solid color like red or burgundy the imperfections will be hidden and will remain very feminine!


  • – For faster drying do not hesitate to put your hands under cold water
  • – If your nails tend to yellow soak a few minutes in a bath of lemon juice once or twice a week
  • – For the “French manicure“, apply the white polish with stickers they prevent overflows (available in supermarkets and perfumeries)
  • – Choose mild solvents ketones without they are much less harmful.

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