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4 Recipes With Essential Oils Against The Pains Of Winter

Essential oils have their secret to repair chapped lips calm redness and treat pimples that itch us with the arrival of cold. Do not wait to pamper your face you in preparing one of these treatments.

4 Recipes With Essential Oils Against The Pains Of Winter

Essential oils to aid the acne and rosacea

Against acne, the essential oil of tea tree in winter, pimples may resurface. A real obsession for teenagers! This recipe essential oil (ET) tea tree (tea tree), valued for its anti bacterial, unclogs pores without irritating or drying the skin.


In a 15 mL flask, mix 5 mL of HE tea tree and 10 ml of vegetable oil (HV) apricot kernel. Apply this oil morning and evening on the infected areas. Keep away from light.

Good reflex can also apply 1 drop pure tea tree button on each morning and evening after cleansing.

Acne what are the right steps to take?

Against rosacea, lemon essential oil

In periods of extreme cold thin skin light and sensitive can be prone to rosacea, the dilation of blood vessels. It can appear on the nose and cheeks. The essential oil of lemon is anti rosacea and brightens your complexion.


Mix 50 mL of HV calophylle (it is antiseptic and anti inflammatory) and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Apply with gentle massage on your face properly cleaned. Allow to penetrate for half an hour and then rinse with lemon water before putting your night cream.

Essential oils help chapped lips and dry skin

Against chapped lips, essential oil of lavender

What’s great with the HE Lavender is that almost nothing can resist him. She knows (almost) everything. On chapped lips for example, it enables rapid healing and regenerate skin damaged lips.


In a small glass vial of 10 mL, mix 2 mL of EO Lavender and 8 mL of HV Rosehip, also regenerating. Apply 2 drops of this mixture 2-3 times a day until complete healing.

Against dry skin essential oil of rosewood

Pulls the facial skin it is dehydrated, and more responsive. The essential oil of rosewood does wonders for the skin whether for eczema, acne, wrinkles and skin dryness. It is easy to use every day.


Mix 2 drops of essential oils of rosewood and 3 drops of wheat germ HV. Apply as a normal daily care.

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