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15+ Sweet Summer Hairstyles In Different Hair Stylists Look

Summer hairstyles for mermaid’s hair, twist hair bun, boho braid hair … makes you stand out in the summer sun.

The following 15 hairstyles are suggestions for girls who want to have sweet and cute beauty on summer days.

In the summer, braided hair is “crowned” and has a strong attraction for girls of all ages. Because of the cute and lovely beauty of braided hair, this style has never “cooled down”. Through each season, hair stylists have created new stylized hairstyles based on the most basic beauty.

The girlfriend has many choices to change her image in the early spring of 2019.

The highlight on the face in addition to the charm like dimples, crooked teeth, double split chin … the hair also plays a big role in the image reform of the girls.

The average long hairstyle means a little bit of chin, which will bring sweet beauty to many different female faces. Especially the style that this hairstyle brings is dynamic, modern and very easy to change to suit the situation.

In the near future when heaven and earth are in season, Spring gas and summer flavors have knocked on every door, girls should also turn their simple hairstyles into a fluttering hair that is soft and not soft. Review and complexity.

In the early spring of the new year, there are no longer any questions, but not F5 again by referring to the long and unique hair styles below.

The following 15+ types of braided hairstyles are suggestions to make you look more beautiful and sweet on the summer day.

1. Plaited Fishtail For Summer Hairstyles

Hair plaited fishtail on one shoulder is started from the top of the head, then plaited to the bottom. This hairstyle has a beautiful, delicate and modern beauty. It is one of the dream styles of many young girls when combined with a shoulder-length dress for a party or a date.

2. Puppet Hair For Summer Hairstyles

The romantic tangled hair with beautiful beauty. You can plant a small strand of hair inside and remove the tangle to make the face newer.

3. Hair Cornrow For Summer Hairstyles

Hair cornrow is a braided hairstyle that forms small plaits close to the hairline. This is the traditional way of braiding the hair of the African people but stylized by stylists with lovely plaited bands along the side of the ear, the middle of the head, …

Hair Cornrow

4. The Braided Hairstyle For Summer Hairstyles

The high-level hairstyle behind will give the owner a luxurious, elegant look. Many Asian European female stars choose this hairstyle when appearing on the red carpet.

Braided Hairstyle

5. Plaited Hair For Summer Hairstyles

If you are looking for simple but gentle beauty, why not choose your hair right next to your ears?

Plaited Hair

6. Ponytail For Summer Hairstyles

This is a very unique and impressive hairstyle. You can tie the ponytail to the top of the head, and the sides carry the ears, plait the strip gently and seduce.

Margaery Tyrell Curly Ponytail Hairstyles The Game Of Thrones

7. Fishtail plaited hair forming a headband

Still the hairstyle of the fishtail, but you can twist the hair section of the roof by wrapping the forehead to form a lovely headband.

8. Personality hair style

With just a bit of flexibility, small braids create different shapes that give you dynamic, individuality and not “touch”.

small braids

9. Milkmaid braided hair

This is a neatly braided hairstyle of girls in the Dutch countryside when working. Hair has charming, rustic and feminine beauty.


10. Strip braided hair For Summer Hairstyles

Strip braided hair has its own appeal for the face by its high and graceful aesthetic. Hairstyle suitable for long hair.

11. Small bun plaited For Summer Hairstyles

From small plaited bands, curled into a cute, cute bun shape. This hairstyle is said to be perfect on summer days for teen girls.

12. Hair “Mermaid” For Summer Hairstyles

Surely you remember “hairspring” soft waves create beautiful mermaid in the story of her childhood. Long curls, curly hair from root to tip but still very soft by the light waves will bring you looks sweet, soaring.

This hairstyle, especially with the holiday sea characterized by its tropical and, will become more and more perfect to be leisurely by the delicate braided hair.

delicate braided Hair "Mermaid" For Summer Hairstyles
delicate braided Hair "Mermaid" For Summer Hairstyles
delicate braided Hair "Mermaid" For Summer Hairstyles

13. Hair Tufts Are Twisted

Neat hair bun is already familiar with the girlfriend. However, the hairstyle overdoes this handy sometimes make you look boring. Now, twist the hair bun with a basic operation is simple: spiral curls. Not too hard to make your own, just a few slight twists in the stands before the outer layer bun is easy to get your hair really soft and pretty.

Hair Tufts Are Twisted For Summer Hairstyles
Hair Tufts Are Twisted For Summer Hairstyles
Hair Tufts Are Twisted For Summer Hairstyles

14. Sweet Soft Curly Hair For Summer Hairstyles

Do not mistakenly drop loose curly hairstyle will make you look older or more stifling midsummer heat. In contrast, the curly locks of hair to create a feeling of floating gently, eyes smoking will be the highlight of the set is perfect for balmy summer map of you.

Sweet Soft Curly Hair For Summer Hairstyles

15. Boho Braid Hair

Facial hair for her dances a little momentum but still sharp-minded personality. The nice feature of this hairstyle is that it can be integrated with both feminine style and dusty.

If you’re of a cut-out dress or maxi bold tropical floral print, try to make her sweeter hairstyle with loose curls braid 1.2 near ear And with the ultra-chic set map as torn jeans shorts and shirt are three holes Oversize plaited bun hairstyle roof will be slightly skewed a little initiative is extremely perfect for you.

Boho Braid Hair For Summer Hairstyles
Boho Braid Hair For Summer Hairstyles
Boho Braid Hair For Summer Hairstyles

16. Slightly Tangled Hair Fallout

It is a variation of the basic hair bun but you can “look” with a little tangled hair bun bulging slightly interesting for a lot of styles.

Slightly Tangled Hair Fallout For Summer Hairstyles

From a simple high bun for casual outfits to the more leisurely pace for hair accessories such as tone headband, flower set in the … Surely you will be surprised by the “multi-zip-function” of this hairstyle.

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