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5 Tips To Stop Sweating Feet

5 Tips To Stop Sweating Feet

5 Tips To Stop Sweating Feet
July 28
06:17 2014

In summer, sweaty feet can quickly become a nightmare. Fortunately, there are ways to stop it. Discover our 5 tips to keep your feet dry during the hot season!

5 Tips To Stop Sweating Feet


Though it is often embarrassing sweating is however a normal action of the body. It is a response to the increase in body temperature and is used to cool it. Intense heat, stress, fatigue, excess weight can cause excessive sweating.

Unfortunately often accompanied by sweating odor due to mixing between the secretions of the sweat glands and bacterial flora and an unpleasant feeling of moisture. It can also cause fungal infections to the feet especially when they are locked up all day and there is no ventilation. In these cases, there are several solutions to reduce perspiration


If you are particularly prone to sweating it is essential to ban certain types of footwear starting with the rubber boots.

Very fashionable this year these boots are a real nightmare for your feet. The complete lack of ventilation creates very unpleasant phenomenon maceration and at the end of the day your feet will be soaked!

Prefer sneakers or ballet flats that allow ventilation through the fabric or leather. Choose shoes especially in which you are at ease because the more you’ll be tired of walking over your feet sweat.


When tends to perspire a lot of feet certain subjects are avoided such as synthetic socks that promote sweating and maceration. Rather prefer cotton socks that absorb moisture better and allow better ventilation.

Also note that there are drugstore socks specially designed to fight against perspiration and odor with antibacterial action contained within the same fiber.


Whenever possible wear sandals or other open shoes that allow maximum ventilation feet. Once back home do not stay confined mostly in your shoes wash your feet with soap and cold water and put on your flip flops!

In summer, prefer open shoes that allow the feet to ventilate well and avoid fermentation. Also make sure that your shoes or your shoes are not too tight mixed with sweat this could be very irritating for your feet. The soles are also important avoid that leather that increase heat and exacerbate odors.


Composed of sulfuric acid, alumina and potash alum stone deodorant is the most effective. Very easy to use this stone is very effective to block odors reduce perspiration and prevent fermentation, without risk and without irritating skin. This stone should be used on wet skin and washed.

Rub against the soles of the feet before putting on your shoes the result is surprising. Alum stone is also very economical since it uses for an entire year! Another plus this stone is odorless so no risk of interaction with the perfume you can also use it for underarms.


In case of excessive sweating of the feet, prepare yourself massage oil:

Obtain 15 ml of camphorated alcohol at the pharmacy add 10 drops of essential oil of cypress and sage essential oil drops 10 and 2 drops of Mix mint well and massage your feet with the preparation and morning evening.

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