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7 Hair Tips To Protect Your Hairstyles at The Beach

7 Hair Tips To Protect Your Hairstyles at The Beach

7 Hair Tips To Protect Your Hairstyles at The Beach
March 25
18:17 2018

Here are 7 hair tips to protect your hair when you go to the beach

Only after a period of exposure to salt water and ultraviolet light, silky hair smoothly your day will often become dry, hard, tangled and lifeless.

Protect Your Hair at The Beach

1. Say Goodbye To the Styling Products

It should be noted that most of the hair is protected to avoid this situation have too much hair styling products, causing hard feelings and sticky. Specifically, products such as gel, mousse, hairspray … not only make your hair drier but also easy to cause adverse effects when exposed to seawater.

You should not use shampoo too often because this is the loss of the hair’s natural moisture. Instead, use double the amount of oil discharged, attractive when oil shampoo for natural hair silky soft. Also, you can use a little extra nourishing oil such as coconut oil penetrates quickly to get the ball hair soft.

2. Use Hair Conditioner Before Combing

Do not rush to brush her hair as she finished bathing. Hair is fragile when wet and damage, especially when hair is exposed to saline medium and sun. Use hair conditioner or oil absorption when taking a shower and use a wide tooth comb to untangle the hairbrush. It is best used after bathing and conditioner; you should not use the dryer to dry hair naturally dry hair and prevent further damage.

3. Dry Hair Naturally

If possible, instead of using a dryer, please be patient with hair dry naturally. Dryer convenient but easy to make hair dry, broken and damage if not used properly. A small tip is after shampooing, lightly wipe the hair with the towel to absorb the water, and then use a bit less oil absorption claws are on the back ponytail and bun. After a few hours, when the hair drops out, you will have a soft and curly light hair.

4. Use Hair Conditioner for Hair Extension

The nourishing oils are pure natural coconut oil is now very much the favorite girlfriend. These nourishing oils are not only the chemical composition but also harm the hair easily penetrates that do not make sense for the ball or flat hair. Just pump a small amount of bean on hand, rub all up and stroked the tail of hair. Tail hair is prone to damage and the driest hair, however, if you have dry hair, it can be used on all hair.

5. Use a Wide Tooth Comb

When hair is wet and damaged, you should not use hardwood or comb tooth comb acids because they are easy to break and tangled hair. So choose a wide tooth comb and it is best soft-toothed comb to avoid hair damage. You will notice a distinct change of hair just by choosing the right kind of strategy.

6. Eating Food “Naturally Fat”

Eating enough not only to ensure your health but also for your hair and skin revitalizing. In particular, you should not abstain from fatty foods during the hair is exposed to many harmful elements, because fat helps moisturize hair from within and balance the nutritional indicators in your body.

Eating fat does not mean you have to load the product into body fat is not good because in fact, have the kind of “natural fats” from fruits such as avocados, almonds, coconut oil and vitamins, coconut, sauces, and salad with olive oil … Your hair will become smooth and shiny, enough to “cope” with the harmful elements in the sea.

7. Use Clamps Bathroom

If not used carefully elastic hair tie, especially when hair is wet, will easily cause broken and damaged hair condition. Instead of using this type of clamp Extra Chun will “gently” for more hair. You can complete bun and bathroom forceps or clamps fixed leftovers light hair pieces without causing damage to the hair.

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