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10 Of The Most Delicious and Original Appetizers for New Year’s Table

Puff Canapes with Salmon Caviar, Appetizers Recipes for New Year’s

Puff Canapes with Salmon Caviar


You will need:

300 g cream cheese 6 slices of rye bread, 220 g smoked salmon, 50 g of caviar, 1 ch. L. lemon zest, 2 ch. l. fresh lemon juice, a handful of finely chopped onion (you can substitute any greens), pepper, salt


Cream cheese is lightly whisked. Add to it the lemon zest, lemon juice, green onion, salt, and pepper. Mix thoroughly. Cut the slices of rye bread rectangles of about 8 × 10 cm. Generously grease a 1 tbsp. l. (with slide) cheese mixture. On top lay a thin slice of fish, try to accurately approach in size. Once again lubricates the cheese mixture over the fish and put a slice of third oil the cheese mixture. Cut the edges to get sandwiches perfectionist – exactly the same. Put in the fridge for an hour. If you want, cut sandwiches into small canapés (2? 3 cm). If not – leave as is. Top evenly spread caviar. Can be served.

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