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Autumn Outfits 2020 2021- Autumn Fashion Trends For Ladies Casual Wear

These Fabrics Are Trendy!

As far as fabrics for autumn fashion 2020 are concerned, there are some that are particularly noticeable. Velvet already celebrated its comeback in the previous autumn/winter season.

the fabric radiates this autumn as a complete look.

The allover is the trend this fall and can be combined perfectly with a leather jacket or an XL jacket.

Fashion Trends Velvet Dress Leather Jacket

A fabric that gives the autumn outfits 2020 a retro flair is a cord. Especially popular in the 70s, Cord returns this season in the form of wide trousers, suits, and elegant skirts. With an A-line skirt made of cord with buttons at the front and a neutral sled blouse, you can conjure up a beautiful autumn look. With a leather jacket or an XXL scarf, you are ready for an afternoon in the city.

Cord Rock Retro Flair Karo Scarf

To wear jeans from head to toe is totally hip and is perfect for the everyday look. Whether you are wearing an overall jumpsuit or jeans pants with a denim shirt or jeans, you decide for yourself. In autumn 2019 trousers and jackets made of lacquer leather are particularly popular.

Fashion Trends Jeans Look Completely

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