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Balayage Brown vs Balayage Blond – The Great Hair Color Question

Balayage Brown vs Balayage Blond – The Great Hair Color Question

Balayage Brown vs Balayage Blond – The Great Hair Color Question
April 13
01:25 2018

A natural Sunkissed effect Hairstylists achieve with Balayage highlights with brown and blond hair. And the big hair color question is: Balayage brown vs Balayage blond – Which hair color is best for whom?

For a naturally radiant skin and a summery touch to the face, fine, bright highlights. Through the playful use of light and dark brown and blond hair hairs, facial parts are emphasized, optically brightened and radiated. Other not so advantageous facial contours can, however, be skillfully laminated in this way. Unlike Ombrè, a soft, flowing course is created here.

Balayage Brown vs Blond – Highlights by Freichandtechnik

Depending on the hair structure, Balayage highlights with brown and blond hair can be achieved with a hand brush using a brush or with a Kam. In the painting single strands are painted in a light shade. For shorter hair, the balayage technique may be more appropriate with a comb.

The appropriate method is chosen by the hairdresser. The aim is a soft and natural hair coloring, which is adapted individually to the type and is particularly rich in nuances. Depending on the personal wishes and the skin tone and the color of the eye, bright, powerful or soft tones can be conjured into the hair.

Balayage Brown Vs Balayage Blond -Highlights Long Hair

The Great Hair Color Question: Balayage Brown Vs Balayage Blond?

Brown or blond is the eternal hair color question. A Klischèe or not has every woman asked the question: Will I be a sexy blonde or rather a down-to-earth brunette? In addition, color changes are simply feminine.

The Ombrè or Balayage technique does not have to decide for one or the other. We will clarify in the following which hair color fits to which type and how to bring change into the hair without drastic experiments.

Balayage Brown Vs Balayage Blond Stars Kim Kardashian

Ciara + Balayage Blond And Brown

If you are thinking about dying your hair blond or brown, you should first look in the mirror and determine your type. Theoretically, every woman can be a blonde or a brunette with a hairdresser’s visit.

Balayage brown vs Balayage blond + Ciara's hair

Olivia Palermo Hairstyle + Balayage Blond And Brown

It is important, however, that the hair color matches the individual type. In order to determine this, the skin tone and the eye color are basically considered. If you know what hair color it is, it is important to choose the right shade. The Balayage technique allows you to enjoy the full range of colors that the hair coloring has to offer.

Balayage Brown vs Balayage Blond Olivia Palermo Hairstyle

Balayage Blonde

It is no secret that the blond mane gathers attention and admiration everywhere. Regardless of the season, the blond nuances recall summer, beach, and sun. The perfect blonde balayage look is a mixture of medium and bright tones. For ladies with pale, pale complexion, the ashen blond nuances are just perfect.

Balayage Blond Brown Blonde Highlights

To tanned skin is a warm honey or gold blond. This supports the natural Glow and emphasizes in a natural way. Ladies with a rosy complexion, which has a bluish undertone, should always put on hair color with a small red proportion. Otherwise, the skin will look even more reddish.

Balayage Blond Brown Platinum Blond Hell Long Hair

Through several layers in the haircut and balayage blond, the look is updated and gives it an extra glow touch. This little trick is immediately visible and provides a really summery appearance. Beautiful flowy waves strengthen the effect and are a popular hair styling for both long and short hair. This allows you to go much brighter and make the result clearly visible.

Balayage Blond Brown Gisele Bundchen Hair

If a subtle look is desired, it is then worked with darker shades and light nuances of brown and blond are combined with each other. But you still remain with Balayage blond. Beautiful, soft color transitions are recommended with medium and short or with fine hair. This creates more volume and makes the hairstyle look longer. In Balayage blond, the bright strands are concentrated mainly in the front part and thus a soft face-framing managed.

Balayage Brown

Brünetten can look forward to an even more diverse selection of color nuances since the starting color or the natural hair color is darker than with blondes. The right Braun palette should also be selected.

Here the following applies: The darker the skin color, the more intense and darker the brown tone may be.

Balayage Blond Brown Course Waves Highlights

A bright complexion with a yellowish undertone can best be combined with not too dark brown suits such as caramel or golden brown. If the skin is browned, it may be a mahogany or a strong chocolate brown. A rosy complexion with a slightly bluish undertone is best characterized by ash-brown nuances. A snow-wash look can also be targeted and consciously achieve a contrast between skin and hair color. It should be noted that the face should not be too pale.

Balayage Blond Brown Brunette Caramel

Balayage has gained international popularity as a modern French hair dyeing technique, creating soft, natural-looking highlights that are truly universal and flattering for all women. The biggest advantage is that between the color treatments up to four months can pass.

This is especially true for ladies with naturally brown hair color, so Balayage brown is a very popular solution for brunettes. Chocolate brown with reddish tones mixed and a pinch blonde to set off a modern, elegant but at the same time playful look. On shaggy waves, this rich mixture of brown looks simply enchanting.

Balayage Blond Brown Jessica Alba Hair Styling

Whether subtle or intense, a Balayage brown look always looks modern and structured. Sometimes additional colors and contrasts are not wanted and the beautiful, healthy hair is in the foreground. In this case, soft balayage brown highlights exactly what matters.

Caramel highlights, the face illuminates it and conjures up a fresh appearance. This also places an additional emphasis but does not have to. Caramel and chocolate go well together and always look twice appealing because not only the eye is delighted, but also the culinary senses are aroused.

It Depends On The Hair Styling

Balayage brown and Balayage blond are particularly well-suited when the hair is styled with casual waves or the so-called “Undone” look, which has now become a hot trend. Balayage is best styled:

Balayage Blond Braun Stylen Wellen

Apply a soft wave – volume foam to dry hair, especially in the lengths. Then blow-dry the hair to make more volume into the hair. Then take individual strands and screw in with the curling iron. Fasten the resulting waves with clips and allow them to cool for about 10 minutes to maximize the durability of the hairstyle. Finally, brush the waves gently with your fingers and fix them with a hairspray.

Balayage Blond Braun Stylen Undone Look

“Undone” look – the hair should not be washed fresh. On the day two spray some dry shampoo in the batches. Using a curling iron, twist individual strands to form shafts. Hold the hot rod for a maximum of ten seconds and avoid the hair ends. Then wave the waves, gently move upwards towards the apex and create a desired casual look. Finally, fix with hairspray.

Why Not Both?

As for hair color, women can have everything and do not have to choose between brown and blond at all. There is the trendy balayage look. Balayage brown and Balayage blond are simply the ideal solutions. The approach is dark – usually, the natural hair color, while in the lengths and tips differently bright highlight are worked in.

However, it is also important to choose nuances that match your own type and which harmonize with each other. The best way is to consult with a specialist or a specialist. The good Balayage hair dyeing technique can be recognized by the flowing, soft color traces, which frame the face gently. Hard contrasts are completely excluded.

Balayage Blond Brown Sarah Jessica Parker

Variants And Differences: Ombrè Vs Balayage

After Ombrè comes to the new hair color trend – Balayage. The two are essentially different from each other. Balayage brown or blond is about tender strands, which are usually only a few shades brighter than the starting color and are distributed irregularly throughout the hair.

In the case of Ombrè, only the hair lengths are lighter in color and there is a strong contrast between the neck and the tips. So if you want a natural, like a sun-kissed look, choose depending on the natural hair color for Balayage brown or Balayage blond.

Balayage Blond Brown Ombre Comparative

Where And At What Cost?

Balayage is almost like a coloring for the hair. Accordingly, professional knowledge, good technology, and creativity are required. Therefore do not experiment with the hair at home. Whether you want to give the brown mane golden accents or the natural hair color to brighten a few nuances – everything goes and it has its price. For good Balayage highlights, one must already count toward the 100 euro.

Depending on the starting color, hair length and structure, the costs can vary naturally. It is a lot of work, because, for best and indeed natural-looking results, it is worked with several colors. When Balayage blondly comes to a light blond tone, and the hair is partially blondes. Then you should definitely think about a hair therapy or hair treatment,

Balayage Blond Braun Haarfärbetechnik Professional

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