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Best Of The Best Oscar Dresses Up Celebrities Oldest to Newest

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars dresses up
Best Of The Best Oscar Dresses Up Celebrities Oldest to Newest

A few hours of great Oscars for the 2019 edition. best-of dresses each winning actress since the creation of the Academy in 1929, has been published…

The beginnings of years are still rich in ceremonies and parades in full Fashion Week for nearly a month, the awards ceremonies for film and music complement an already well filled, especially with the 2019 Oscars agenda.

As followed to see the winners rewarded for the looks of our celebrities, red carpet ceremonies are an opportunity for designers to see their dresses worn in a context other than parades.

The choice of dress is therefore crucial and every outfit is finely analyzed, as we did for the Oscars in 2019 and Caesars with missteps fashions. It is even more important when the actress won the coveted statuette and finds immortalized in film history with the dress carefully chosen. And it is precisely these winning outfits that have just been listed as an info graphic which dates back to the first ceremony in 1929.

It is therefore interesting to compare the choice of each star actress, to observe changes in style, the evolution of fashion and what is best in dress fashion over the decades.

Remember for the Oscars 2019. Jennifer Lawrence wore a Dior Haute Couture made the fall when she came for price upside.

Sometimes the dress chosen occupies an equally important that awards up!

But the silky green dress with ruffles the young Loretta Young in 1948, sleek model signed Givenchy for Audrey Hepburn in 1954, through the flowers Ball Gown Elizabeth Taylor in 1961 and veil wearing sequins Cher half naked and plucked in 1988 we find that the red-carpet, all styles are allowed our favorites of recent years?

Halle Berry in Elie Saab (2002) Hilary Swank in Guy Laroche for the 2005 edition and Marion Cotillard in Jean Paul Gaultier to claim the prize in 2008, It, therefore, look forward to discovering dresses nominated for Oscars 2019!

Oscar’s dresses look best movie stars red-carpet best-of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence graphics

Jennifer Lawrence and majestic Dior Haute Couture dress for the Oscars
Oscars 2019 dresses up the best actresses Jennifer Lawrence
Marion Cotillard dresses up the best actresses in in 2008 Oscars
Oscars Award! Marion Cotillard, charming Ambassador Jean Paul Gaultier in 2008 Oscars
Hilary Swank dresses up the best actresses
Oscars Award! Hilary Swank in Guy Laroche, when a dress into the history of cinema’s Oscar 2005eonline.com
Oscars Award dresses up the best actresses for 2002 Oscars
Oscars Award! Halle Berry in Elie Saab for 2002 Oscars
Cher Lido dresses up the best actresses for the Oscars 1988
Oscars Award! Cher Lido dancer for the Oscars 1988
Elizabeth Taylor dresses up for the Oscars 1961
Oscars Award! Elizabeth Taylor and sound Oscar en 1961
Audrey Hepburn dresses up for the Oscars 1954
Oscars Award! Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy for the Oscars 1954
Loretta Young dresses up for the Oscars 1948
Oscars Award! Loretta Young so the Oscars of 1948

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