Beyonce Beauty Secrets - Reveals Her Beauty Tricks Beyonce Beauty Secrets - Reveals Her Beauty Tricks Beyonce Beauty Secrets - Reveals Her Beauty Tricks

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Beyonce Beauty Secrets – Reveals Her Beauty Tricks

Beyonce Beauty Secrets – Reveals Her Beauty Tricks

Beyonce Beauty Secrets – Reveals Her Beauty Tricks
February 19
06:17 2019

Beyonce beauty routine that you can not believe

All the secrets ‘beauty’ of the tour of Beyoncé

The makeup artist of the artist has revealed in ‘Refinery29’ how to prepare the beauty look that conquers the Network

When Beyoncé steps onto a stage, thousands of ‘flashes’ are directed towards her. A situation that occurs, the power of her voice and the showiness of her show.

Included in a surprising style, the same way, a look of beauty very studied and that of this American artist requires a great job. Several years of experience in the hands of an expert, such as Francesca Tolot, make the face of the singer of Halo one of the most photographed in their tours.

The Italian make-up artist, expert in photo shoots for the fashion industry, has given an interview to Refinery29 in which she talked about how she gets ‘the Beyoncé effect ‘ in each concert.

15 years after starting in the world of ‘makeup‘, with a book in the market, has become a renowned professional category of ‘celeb’.

The contents of On the Run II, the musical tour that Beyoncé is doing with her husband Jay-Zis her last work with the former Destiny Child:

“She never tells me where I should go, I try to express her feelings and what she wants to portray and communicate through her gaze, from there we collaborate to achieve it and that takes the hair and I really feel blessed with this connection we have, “she explained to the information portal.

Specifically, for the videos that are projected on the stage at this year’s concerts, she says: she was inspired by the spirit of Jamaica and all its aesthetics.

Even so, Tolot stresses that the artist, on this occasion, wanted a very natural look – similar to the one she wore in the If I Wear a Boy video clip – through a minimalist make up, because “she is one of those people they can go without makeup and go out to take pictures. ”

In this way she emphasizes that, in the images, the mother of Blue Ivy did not need beauty products to prepare her body and only applied body oilin some beach scenes.

In addition, he resorted to the moisturizer and certain touches of color on her lips. Unlike what happens with other male stars, Jay-Z does not even show any trace of makeup in these audiovisual montages. Of course, resorted to beauty allies such as eye drops. 

“However [Beyoncé] in other scenes, it was pure glamor, that’s the beauty of working with her: she can go from extreme glamor to not wearing anything, ” the Italian finished.

Precisely, it has been that ‘glamor’ that the expert talks about combined with art, which a few days ago became news for the new video that the couple has starred in the Louvre Museum, in Paris.

The last album that they have released together without previous announcement is the theme they have chosen to dance around historical works of art. The looks and looks of beauty, both the rapper and singer, and the body of dance, have not left anyone indifferent.

John Barnett, the makeup artist of Beyoncé, recently offered an interview to the site The Cut in which he shares the beauty tricks he uses to combat aging.

John Barnett, the makeup artist of Beyoncé,  recently offered an interview to the site  The Cut in which she shares the secrets of beauty that she applies to the singer to combat aging.

Know them!

1. Use eye cream on your entire face.

“To moisturize the face, I prefer to use this type of cream since its particles are much smaller because they are designed to treat a more delicate area, so it is better absorbed.”

2. Use face cream on the entire body.

“Most women only care about the face area, it’s not about that, you have to take care of the entire skin, the neckline, the back, the legs …”

3. Start drinking kale juice (kale)

“Kale is a food high in vitamin K, increases circulation and helps cell renewal.” You can get it in health food stores and organic products supermarkets. To prepare your juice you will only need to liquefy half kale with coconut water.

Would you dare?

  • Beyonce diet
  • Beyonce makeup artist

The most beautiful women in the world, but what are her beauty tricks? tells you what they are for you to look like a Hollywood star.

To have that sculptural figure, Beyonce eats six times a day. In the half-day snack a piece of fruit. For lunch, she eats a healthy salad that she calls “Sasha Salad” that contains chicken breast, vinegar, oil, jalapeño, avocado, and tomato. Your fourth meal is cookies. Her fifth meal is baked fish and vegetables. Your sixth meal is an appetizer with vegetables or cucumbers dipped in vinaigrette.

To be in shape Beyonce has the help of a personal trainer, with whom she exercises at least twice a week to maintain the line. The sporting method he s is based on the joint work of different muscle groups at the same time.

Her makeup tricks focus on highlighting her look and for this she uses eye shadows of well-defined varied shades. It also highlights lips, but more discreetly, with bright wet effects.

Now you just have to prepare yourself to captivate the glances of all those who admire you as they pass by.

Beyonce Beauty Secrets 

Every woman would want to look beautiful like her idol. Who does not know Beyonce? Beyonce is a singer who is currently being brilliant career. Besides can sing well Beyonce also gorgeous.

This beauty makes many women feel jealous and always wanted to know what exactly makes it always look gorgeous. Beyonce also has clothing and hairstyles are very unique and inspired many women.

Many magazines and internet sources that share confidential information about the gorgeous Beyonce style. For those of you who want to look really pretty like Beyonce you should know a few secrets to look beautiful style of the singer.

Beyonce Beauty Secrets

First, Beyonce always clean the rest of the make up is left in the pores with a total that does not cause acne or other skin problems. Residual makeup can clog our skin.

Secondly, Beyonce always clean the eyes makeup with makeup remover. eye very friendly to the environment. Many products make up remover is made from natural ingredients.

In addition to choosing the friendly makeup remover with skin you should also choose a friendly cleanser according to your skin. You should consider some cleanser and read reviews about the cleanser first.

Third, Beyonce is also very concerned about hair beauty. You can imitate the style of Beyonce in treating hair. Beyonce uses hot oil nutrition and vitamin E on a regular basis for her beautiful hair. Shampoo used is a very special shampoo with sulfate free.

Beauty Secrets Behind Beyonce

Fourth, Beyonce always looks gorgeous as she always let the natural beauty. Do not use excessive eyelash. Use naturally or use their own lashes with mascara.

Fifth, terms Beyonce looks pretty style is to be yourself. By always be yourself then you will always be confident. Highlight your strengths and accomplishments because it will make you look beautiful.

Beyonce has always inspired many women to always love and care for whatever you have. With care then we will not look ugly at every opportunity.

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