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Black Nail Designs – 13 Ideas And Pictures For Unique Finger Nails

Black Nail Designs – 13 Ideas And Pictures For Unique Finger Nails

Black Nail Designs – 13 Ideas And Pictures For Unique Finger Nails
August 08
07:04 2017

When it comes to the black nail designs, there are the various possibilities to put the fingers in the scene. The black color is anything but dull and is also perfect as a background for various motifs, patterns, and designs. The result can be elegant or playful so that there are wonderful ideas for every occasion. We have compiled some interesting ideas and inspiration for the nail design in black, as well as nail design pictures as an illustration. Use them as a stimulus or copy them at will to get everyone to wonder.

Black nails are attractive, but what can you do with them? Apart from the fact that a variety of patterns and motifs can be designed, as you can see from the following Nageldesign pictures, the Nageldesign with French Manicure can also be super-designed by designing the tips in any color. Also, the Reverse French looks great in black color.

Nail Design In Black Nude Nail Glue Star Glitter Gold

In addition, the nail design in black matches every nail length and shape. No matter if you want to design short nails, or long, whether the nails are rounded or angular, or whether you are looking for a design for pointed nails, black is always a good choice. Let us now come to some popular techniques, which should provide a small insight into the many possibilities.

Nail Design With Dots

The playful Polka Dot pattern is one of the most popular patterns. What does lady not care? They are not only cute, but also classic and stylish, and can be used on a black background in a variety of color combinations.

Nail Design In Black Self Made White Dot Pattern Idea

For example, if you want a nail design in black and white, you simply design white dots for a black and white pattern. If you are looking for a nail design in black and pink, you can also use this color. Or how would a nail design with loop and points be? A couple of great nail design pictures look up and down.

Nail Design In Black Dots Gray Silver Plain Art

Of course, more than two colors can be combined. Thus, a colorful dot pattern on a black background can be very cheerful. This makes it very suitable for parties. The points can all be the same size or you can create a mix of different sizes. To make them evenly round, you can use a so-called dotting tool, which makes it very easy to work with. Alternatively, however, a dull toothpick, the head of a pin, and even the ends of a hairpin can be easily bent apart. With these items, you can also design different points for the nail design in black.

Nail Art Pictures With Stripes

Regarding the strip is no more to say than to the points. This pattern also belongs to the classics and the possibilities are the same. Black fingernails look chic with white or beige stripes and peppy with a colorful color. You can get some glamor again by designing a nail design in black and gold or silver or using glitter.

Nail Design Black White Stripe Neutral Color Easy Template

You can obtain a stripe pattern at regular intervals with the help of nail strips, which are glued as a stencil onto the fingernail and are simply peeled off again after painting. For this purpose, the previous lacquer layer should be well dried. Particularly interesting are rainbow strips.

Nail Design Black Stripe Ombre Pink

For this purpose, you paint the nails only in different colors. After drying, the strips are used for the application of the black varnish. Pull the stripes off, the colorful colors come back to the surface and create an attractive fingernail pattern. This allows the most diverse variants to be implemented.

Nail Design With Glitter

In our Nail design gallery, we would like to not forget the variants with glitter. Here, too, something can be designed. With black as a basic color, you can create various patterns with the gold enema or silver glitter, because the Nail design in black and gold or another metal color looks glamorous and chic. Of course, other colors are also very suitable. An interesting Nail design in black is also available if you choose any color as a background and then make it with black glitter.

Nail Design Black Lace Nails Glittering Reverse French Gold

The ideas are also suitable for a Gel Nail design with glitter that is quick and easy. Glitter can be used as desired in the form of powder or by choosing a finished glitter nail varnish. Then the various patterns such as stripes or dots, ornaments or individual Nail design pictures can be converted. Every fingernail design is guaranteed to be unique!

Nail design in Matt Black

If you chose the classic black, you can create a special eye-catcher by using a matt one instead of the glossy lacquer. Here, you can combine with equally matte patterns in other colors or to emphasize the patterns particularly well by making them shiny or even glittering. Just experiment with the designs. You will surely find an original and unique nail design in black matt.

Nail Design Flat Black Pattern Gloss Original Simple

The matte black can also be combined with gold, silver or copper. Quickly you get a stylish and elegant design that you can use for parties. Pretty accents you get on the matt surface also with the help of rhinestones or shiny nail strips. A top lacquer is not used with this idea because this gives luster and prevents the effect of the matte nails.

Motifs and Patterns

If you believe it, you can also draw pictures or patterns instead of the already mentioned tools. This way you get beautiful and unique oriental ornaments in black and white or any other color, tribals and even tiny landscapes or motifs to match a particular feast like Easter or Christmas. If you can not find the matching stickers, this is the best alternative. Sure, this often takes more time, but the effort is definitely worth it.

Nail Design Black White Lady Styling Flowers Free Hand

Gel gels in black, in particular, can be freely shaped because the gel does not dry like air in the air and becomes tough when shaping. Instead, you have enough time to draw and harden the gel only under the lamp. There are many different instructions that explain even complex motifs step by step so that beginners can also be successful.

Nail Design in black and angel design pictures with stickers

For more complicated patterns there are also ready-made stickers. Especially beginners or ladies, who do not have a steady hand, can look forward to it, because the stickers create the perfect look in no time. All you need is an undercoat in any color you choose according to the color of the sticker. After you have attached the sticker, fix it with a transparent topcoat. So you guarantee that the Nagel design keeps in black longer.

Nail Design Black Floral Sticker Stickers Pink Accent Brand Corner

You will be amazed at how many different patterns there are in the form of stickers. Oriental and romantic, playful and exhilarating designs can be found and thus always offer the perfect variant for every occasion. And if you do not feel like it, just visit your manicurist, who will bring the desired design to your nails while you pamper yourself.

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