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Breast Implants – 21 Important Questions And Answers

Breast Implants augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures worldwide. There are many reasons why women decide to improve their breast aesthetics.

For example, many are wondering what the right age for breast augmentation is. That is not the most important thing. Any woman undergoing breast surgery should first familiarize her with the risks and potential complications.

Breast Implants

Here are some of the common questions and answers about breast implants that should give you the most important information.

1. What is silicone?

Silicon is made from silicon, extracted from a metal-like element that combines with oxygen in nature to form silica or silica (quartz). The sea sand and mineral crystals, for example, are mainly quartz. she is the most common substance on earth. When quartz and carbon are heated, silicone is produced.

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